California Board Meeting minutes

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The second 2016 Board of Trustees meeting took place on July 18 in Soda Springs, CA; the meeting minutes  are [...]

2017 Rules Proposals

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AHRMA's Board of Trustees met on July 18 and discussed/voted on rules proposals submitted for the 2017 season. A summary [...]

Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

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The minutes from the May 2 Board of Trustees meeting in Terrebonne, OR, are now available here; this document is also [...]

Willow Springs Benevolent Fund donation

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The following note was received with a donation to the AHRMA Benevolent Fund, following the April 23-24 National Historic Cup [...]

Board elects Executive Committee

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The first Board of Trustees meeting of 2016 was held May 2 at Crooked River Ranch, OR. The Board elects [...]

2017 date set for Diamond Don’s

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April 20-23, 2017 has been selected as the date for the 15th Annual Diamond Don's Riverport National trial, cross country and [...]

Trustee election results

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Voting for the 2016 AHRMA Board of Trustees election concluded January 8, and the results were tallied by Allred Jackson, [...]

Buck James Murphy, May 29, 1955 – December 25, 2015

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Buck Murphy passed away on December 25, 2015, following a long bout with cancer. He will be deeply missed by [...]

New series, website in the West

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There’s a new 13-race series for post vintage bikes in the Northwest, encompassing grand prix, motocross and cross country races; [...]

New schedule, website for Great Lakes region

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A new website has been launched for the Great Lakes region, www.ahrmagl.org. Regional coordinator Dave Woolever (left) has worked to [...]