The AHRMA Board of Trustees has implemented revised helmet regulations for 2016 motocross and cross country events. The 2016 Handbook wording (Section 3.3.14) will include the following (new wording italicized/underlined):

“Helmets worn in vintage and post vintage motocross and cross county may be open- or full-face type and certified by the manufacturer by having a sticker affixed to the helmet stating the helmet meets or exceeds at least one of the following standards: U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) FMVSS 218; Snell M2010; Europe’s ECE 22-05 ‘P’, ‘NP’ or ‘J’; or Japan’s JIS T 8133:2007. It is recommended that motocross and cross country helmets be removed from service after five years from date of manufacture; helmets greater than five years old – but no more than 10 years old – may be used at the discretion of the Tech Inspector. Only OEM chin-strap fasteners may be used (no aftermarket quick-release fasteners are allowed)… All helmets are subject to inspection by AHRMA competition officials to ensure compliance. This inspection does not warrant the condition of a participant’s helmet. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure his/her helmet is in good and safe condition. Riders are prohibited from using damaged helmets. If there is any question regarding the condition of a helmet, an appropriate helmet expert should be contacted for inspection and advice.”