Help AHRMA and earn money covering races

AHRMA needs help covering our National events, both in Vintage Views and in outside publications. To make it worth our correspondents’ time and effort, we offer the following incentives.

Reports of Nationals in outside publications

Many publications welcome contributions of race reports and many even pay a small amount to contributors. Motorcycle magazines and newspapers that cover a specific state or region can be an excellent market, too. Contact the individual publications to request their guidelines for contributors.

AHRMA will pay $50 for each report of an AHRMA National roadrace, motocross, dirt track, observed trial or cross country event that appears in a non-AHRMA publication. We will also pay $10 per published photograph. This offer does not apply to published reports of AHRMA regional or local events or to reports appearing on websites. Please note that to qualify for payment your article must mention both AHRMA - preferably spelled out as the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association on first mention - and the series sponsors (you can find the sponsor names on the Schedules & Results page of this website and in Vintage Views).

Mail or fax a copy of the article/photo(s) from the publication, along with a note saying you want to claim your National “bounty,” to:

David Lamberth, Executive Director
309 Buffalo Run
Goodlettsville,  TN 37072
Fax 615.420.6438

Don’t forget to include your name and mailing address when making the request.

Coverage of nationals in Vintage Views

With just a minor bit of rewriting, you can also submit these same event reports to Vintage Views. Please contact editor Matt Hilgenberg prior to the event to coordinate coverage for Vintage Views. We will also make sure you are placed on the gate list so that you do not have to pay to get into the race.

We prefer that VV articles be submitted electronically via email. Don’t use any formatting other than italics or bold type. Do not embed photographs in your article.  Most event reports in Vintage Views are 400-800 words.

Photos: Digital images are preferred and must be high resolution. If images are scanned, they should be saved at 300 dpi. Electronic images may be submitted by email or on a CD. If images are to be emailed, please keep each email a reasonable size, and send images in multiple messages, if necessary. When shooting pictures, get close enough (or use a long enough lens) to fill nearly the entire frame with your subject.

Include your contact information, and send your material to:

Matt Hilgenberg, email:
Voice: 530.830.0052  Fax: 530.878.3610
By postal service: PO Box 6, Meadow Vista, CA 95722
FedEx or UPS: 432 Lake Estates Dr., Meadow Vista, CA 95722


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