AHRMA Roadrace Corner Worker Manual

Welcome to corner marshaling with the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association.

Thank you for your support and interest in becoming a corner worker. Please use this manual to develop your individual skills.

This manual is designed to be used as a training guide to develop a basic understanding of the responsibility, authority and procedures you will demonstrate while working as a AHRMA corner worker. Inside you will find procedures to follow in responding to an incident, communications to transmit over the radio and roadracing flags with a description of the signal they convey to the riders. The contents of the manual are subject to revision and periodic updating. We welcome your ideas. Please submit your written suggestions to one of the addresses listed below.

Corner working can be dangerous or life threatening. However, if accomplished with teamwork and safe work habits it can be very rewarding and enjoyable. We look forward to working with you at the races.

Mark Maher
262 Lakeshore West, Lake Quivira, KS 66106
913-631-2690, fax 913-631-5786

Cindy Cowell
AHRMA Director of Safety (Control) & Roadrace Work Coordinator
2375 Midway Road SE, Bolivia, NC 28422
910-253-8312, fax 910-253-8313



Copyright 1996 & 2000
Mark Maher & AHRMA
Last updated: December 2001

Table of Contents

Safety Crew

Race Control

A. Corner worker preparation

1. Clothing and attire
2. Equipment
3. Conduct

B. Safety

1. Priority
2. General rules

C. Establishing a corner station

1. Location

D. Corner station check list

E. Fire extinguisher

F. Division of duty

1. Staffing and responsibility
2. Corner captain
3. Flagger
4. Runner

G. Roadracing flags and flagging

1. Purpose
2. Location
3. Responsibility

H. Flags and flagging

1. Displaying flags
2. Flags

I. Communications protocol

J. Radio operations and communications

1. Radios
2. Intercommunications
3. Guidelines

K. Terminology

L. Response to an incident

1. General rules
2. Examples


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