AHRMA Board of Trustees Meeting and Open Member Comment

Granzella’s Banquet Room Building (site of the NW awards dinner)
Williams, CA

Saturday January 19, 2019 8:00-5:00

Open Member Comment 3:30-5:00

Please note there will be a Closed Session at some point during the meeting.   Should any members be present at that time, they will be asked to leave until the closed session has concluded, at which time they may return to the meeting.

AHRMA Board Meeting Agenda
January 19, 2019
Granzella’s Inn
Williams, CA

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 8:00am and end at 5:00pm. The meeting will be conducted in open session. There will be closed sessions for the discussion of contracts, legal and/or personnel issues. There will be an open member-comment session 3:30pm-5:00pm. During this time, any member in attendance may direct questions or comment directly to the AHRMA staff and Trustees.


  1. Call to order – Chairman Luke Conner
  2. Review and approval of Leeds, AL, Board meeting minutes
  3. Open session discussion topics
    1. Duties and responsibilities of R/E committees
    2. Responsibilities of grading committees for Off road
    3. Attorney update
    4. Barber grand marshal 2019
    5. Format of cash flow statements by discipline
    6. Future E/C over-reach
    7. Event Committee establishment
    8. RR Rough Riding committee establishment
    9. AHRMA Logo Trademark update
    10. Review/Discuss 2019 plans
    11. Discuss Duties of the E/C
      • Establish policy for E/C actions
      • Develop procedure for board to accept/reject E/C actions
      • Post EC minutes on the website
    12. Review current job descriptions
      • Review duties, responsibilities, skills, abilities and minimum qualifications for all positions.
      • Job descriptions placed on website
    13. Establish policy and procedures for filling open positions
      • Advertise open positions
      • Evaluation of candidates
    14. Status of Road Race Director search
      • Establish search and evaluation committee
    15. Discuss Board Protocol
      • E-vote only for urgent and time sensitive business
      • E-vote business to be discussed by Board at regular meeting with confirmation vote to
        approve, amend or reject
      • Open member comment session to include email member comments
    16. Discuss formation of Ad Hoc committees to research specific business
      • On-line voting, On-line registration, Policy and Procedure review, etc
      • Employee and contractor candidate review
    17. Discuss formation of Central Region using portions of East and West
    18. Discuss Communications/Digital/Print Director positions
    19. Data acquisition and analysis
    20. Trustee election results
    21. Youth racing
  4. Closed Session discussion topics:
    • Separate agenda will be set up for these topics
  5. Open member-comment period (3:30-5:00pm)