AHRMA Board Meeting
January 19, 2019 (First 2019 Board Meeting)
Granzella’s Inn Banquet Hall; Williams, CA

All trustees were present for this meeting except for  Carl Anderson and Louis LeBlanc.   Those attending were Kevin Burns(KB), Fred Guidi(FG), Arthur Kowitz(AK), Beno Rodi(BR), Luke Conner(LC), Brian Larrabure(BL), Debbie Poole(DP), Rob Poole(RP),  Pat Riley(PR) and Kelly Shane(KS). 

Brian Larrbure(BL) arrived at 9AM. 

Also in attendance were David Lamberth (DL) – AHRMA’s Executive Director. 

The meeting was called to order by LC at 8:35 AM. 

LC advised that the meeting was to be recorded during the open sessions.  It would not be recorded during the closed session portion(s).   

DL reviewed the current membership status for the trustees.  At one point in December 2018, AHRMA’s membership broke the 3500 mark.  Membership at the end of December was 3312 which is flat with December 2017.  Membership during 2018 has been steadily climbing with some months being up 462 members over the same month in 2017. 

DL reviewed the trustee election report provided by Alred Jackson, CPA.  DL noted that this report had been provided to the trustees via email, but wanted to have a hard copy for the meeting and for the trustee’s files.  DL reviewed a report that summarized the reasons behind the 88 ballots that were disqualified.  KS inquired if DL was aware of any proxy voting.  DL advised that the CPA firm did not report any issues concerning proxy votes. 

LC called for review and approval of the meeting minutes from the Leeds, AL full board meeting.  AK advised that wording needed to be added to the minutes on the topic of the possible need for a tiered pricing structure for AHRMA’s road race program due to some events having a higher cost base than others.  DL advised he will make this update and distribute to the trustees(this was accomplished on January 22, 2019 by DL).  FG made the motion to accept the Leeds, AL meeting minutes with the above change to be made.  KB seconded the motion. 

At this point,  the trustees began a general discussion of various topics.  These topics are outlined below. 

KS and DP inquired of DL about the possibility of having off road at the Road America event in the future.  DL explained the history of off road at Road America and the reasons behind why the off road program was dropped.  In summary – very small attendance in the second year of the event and a very limited space to create an appropriate MX grass track. 

LC advised that the Topeka, KS road race venue has off road facilities and are interested in AHRMA working with them on off road events for the 2020 season.  Discussion also took place on Bristol, TN location for possible off road events in 2020.  Bristol location is also very interested in AHRMA working with them on a vintage drag race event.  Discussion ensued on the topic of vintage drag racing – primarily that AHRMA has never participated in such an event.  AK commented that AHRMA might want to consider purchasing a vintage drag racing organization in the future. 

KS shared concerns about comments being posted on the AHRMA Facebook(members only page) by AHRMA contractors and staff that expressed their personal opinions.  KS stated thatit can be difficult for members to tell the difference between comments made by Cindy McLean the Digital Director and Cindy McLean the member.    AHRMA contractors and staff must be aware that they cannot post personal opinions.  DL advised he will address this issue. 

Based on the discussion of the AHRMA Facebook(members only page) – FG commented that his company requires all staff to sign a morals statement as to what they will not engage in online.  FG will provide this policy to AHRMA for review. 

DP commented that as a trustee, if you do not participate in online forums or Facebook, some members perceive that you are not involved.  KB commented that as a trustee, we have to be “thick skinned” when participating in online forums or Facebook conversations. 

LC stated that threatening and demeaning language cannot be tolerated in any form, shape or manner. 

KS opened discussion that officers for 2019 should be elected at this meeting as this is the first Board meeting of 2019.  Discussion ensued on this topic which revolved around the Williams, CA meeting was really to be considered the 4th meeting of 2018 as was discussed by the board, but was unable to be scheduled. 

KB made a motion to keep the election of officers for 2019 for the first meeting of 2019 to be held in New Orleans, LA.  BL seconded this motion.  5 trustees voted Yes on this motion.  1 trustee(AK) abstained.  4 trustees voted against the motion(DP, RP, PR, KS). 

Duties and responsibilities of Rules/Eligibility(R/E) committees: 

KB began discussion that he feels there is confusion as to how the R/E committees function.  KB raised the question of should the R/E committee write up the actual rules proposal.  He feels that we ran into problems in 2019 rules proposals that was based on this issue.   

KS commented that R/E has to work with the person submitting the proposal to help get the wording correct before it is  submitted to the board for consideration.  He feels that the board should not be writing the proposal – but voting on it. 

KB agreed and will work up a job summary to provide to the R/E committee chairman to help them with 2020 submissions. 

Responsibilities of off road grading committees: 

KB advised that this topic began on the members only Facebook page.  KS and FG did an overview how the off road grading process works.  FG feels that it works fine, is outlined in the handbook and that there are multiple people involved in this process.  KS commented that a standard form nationwide might help – with FG advising that such a form is in use currently. 

LC commented that this issue does exist in the Production classes in road racing as well and that it is a task of the road race director to monitor these classes to advance riders up and out. 

Barber Grand Marshall: 

LC began discussion on this for 2019 event. DL advised that this is handled by the Barber Museum and AHRMA is not a party to it. 

Format of cash flow financials by discipline: 

AK began discussion by outlining that AHRMA does not allocate general/administrative revenues and expenses to the individual disciplines.  AK feels we are not presenting the financial results clearly and fairly.  Discussion took place on this topic as it relates to membership revenue. 

DL will work with AK to assemble a process to determine what items are allocable and the method to be used to allocate them. 

Executive Committee over reach: 

KS opened discussion advising that this discussion is not based on individuals – but the actions taken by the EC in the recent past.  AK felt that the renaming of Vintage Views to AHRMA Mag is a good example of this over reach.  He was not aware of the change and was made aware of the change by an AHRMA member.  Several other Board members also were not aware of the change.  He agrees with the change – just would like to have known about it before hand. 

LC then opened the floor to Fred Mork who served as AHRMA’s chairman of the board for many years who provided an explanation of how he feels the EC was intended to operate.  FM commented that the EC acts on behalf of the board between meetings implementing Board policy already in place. 

AK commented that he feels the perception of over reach is based on the full board not acting on items in a timely manner while the EC(being 3 people) could act on these items quickly.  He asked for the EC to provide the EC meeting agenda to the full board prior to the each meeting. 

LC commented that he understands that this issue began when he was elected as chairman.  He explained that he is take charge, get things done type individual who does his best to get things accomplished. 

KB inquired into exactly what the duties of the EC comprise.  Comments advised that this is outlined in the bylaws of AHRMA. 

KS commented that the role of the board is to set policy.  These policies are given to the Executive Director to accomplish through the organizations staff and contractors.  He feels the EC should help the Executive Director interpret these policies on a as needed basis – but the EC does not set policy outside of the board of directors.  In his opinion, this is what the EC has done that has created the issue of EC over reach. 

KB advised that he understands what KS had outlined – but is it policy for the board to act on such things as the change of the name of the monthly magazine or the selection of a new attorney?  KS commented that the EC should only act on urgent items outside of the board. 

LC commented that he was fine with providing the agenda to the board ahead of schedule as well as posting the EC minutes on the AHRMA website. FM commented that full board must be very careful to not “tie the hands” of the EC and caution must be exercised here.  KS is to write a policy outlining EC duties for discussion by the Board later in the meeting. 

Event Committee Establishment: 

LC advised that this committee would be set up primarily to help set up future road race venues. BL commented that this committee would be a great help to the road race director in setting up new locations and could be comprised of 2 trustees and the road race director.  The trustees involved could also secure involvement of local AHRMA members to aid in this process. 

KS commented that a defined chain of command must be set up for this to work successfully.  BL will assemble a chart to illustrate how this process would work in the near future. 

AK made a motion for the board to approve this general concept with BL seconding the motion.  Vote was 10 in favor of this action. 

Road Racing Rough Riding Committee establishment: 

LC advised that is primarily incident management and is being driven by incidents that took place at the 2018 Barber road race event.  A standing committee needs to be established to review incidents at the event and not defer to a future date.   LC advised that track cameras and go pro footage is typically available to allow a decision to be made quickly at the track.  Discussion took place that this committee would be based on incidents where an ambulance transport took place and that the committee must be staffed by highly qualified individuals. 

KB made the motion to set up a incident review committee for road racing.  RP seconded the motion.  Vote was 10 in favor. 

AHRMA trademark logo update: 

DL provided the board the most recent update provided by Ted Bendelow’s  firm.  Based on this information – AHRMA should expect completion of this within 6-12 months assuming there is no opposition to our claim. 

At 11:30 the meeting stopped for a short lunch break. 

At 12:10 the meeting was started in Closed Session. 

Closed session ended at 3PM 

Open session began at 3:10 PM 

Creation of Central Region: 

KS opened the discussion of creating a central region by providing each trustee a handout of the data to support his request.  Such a change would require a change in the bylaws.  KB and BR both commented that they feel that events drive such a decision and AHRMA really does not have events in the proposed central region to any extent to support such a change.  KS feels we must base the decision on where the membership resides.  Concern voiced is one of are we trying to fix something that is not broken. 

KS made a motion to post the proposal on AHRMA’s website and in the AHRMA magazine. to solicit input from the membership.  PR seconded the motion.  Vote was 8 Yes – 2 no(AK/BR). 

Open member comment session began at 3:30 

[edited]The entire open member comment session will be made available on Series Tracker once approved by the board.  The podcast availability will be posted on the AHRMA website in the “News” section.[edited]

Open Session ended at 4:50PM 

LC stated there was not enough time to consider the policy outlining EC duties.  KS agreed he would email it to the board. 

Motion to adjourn by LC at 4:50.   



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