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The first-ever AHRMA Formula Thunder Pro Challenge will take place on October 7, 2017, during the 13th Annual Barber Vintage Festival in Birmingham, AL. Sponsored by Palmetto State Armory, Luke’s Racecraft and Moto Corse Performance, the race features a cash purse of over $18,000 for the top five finishers, with $8000 going to the winner.

An application form is available here; interested parties are to submit that form no later than September 13

This 10-lap special race is open to 20 competitors and will take place at the end of the day on Saturday, after all regular AHRMA races are complete.  A 10-minute qualifying session will run after practice on Thursday or Friday (depending on weather conditions). No track time will be taken from our roadrace program.

A qualified racer will:

  1.  Be a licensed AHRMA competitor
  2.  Be in compliance with the AHRMA Barber Racer Requirements
  3.  Take part in Thursday or Friday practice
  4.  Be entered in the regular Formula Thunder race on Saturday
  5.  Be capable of running in the front part of the field in an AHRMA Formula Thunder race (based on lap times)

For detailed information about bike eligibility, please refer to the AHRMA Handbook, and specific Sections 9.8 and 10.17

Please include entry fee with application (credit card details, or check); payment will not be processed until a rider’s application is approved. 30 applicants will be accepted for the qualifying session. The top 20 qualifiers will race on Saturday; postions 21 and 22 will be alternates.

Applications must be received no later than September 13, 2017.

No online entries are accepted for this event.

Eligible riders for the qualification session will be notified by email on September 26, 2017.

AHRMA Barber Roadrace Racer Requirements

Anyone wishing to participate in the AHRMA roadracing events at the 2017 Barber Vintage Festival must meet all of the following requirements. For additional information regarding class and event details, check the AHRMA website,

1. You must be an AHRMA member – no exceptions. There are no weekend memberships. Please refer to the 2017 AHRMA Handbook for more information on the qualifications necessary to become an AHRMA member.

2. To participate in the AHRMA roadrace at Barber, you must participate in at least two AHRMA roadraces in the previous 13 months and must have logged a minimum of 12 transponder-scored laps (up to six of which can be practice laps) during the two events. In those 12 laps, all riders are required to complete one full race, accepting the race-finishing flag, be it checkered or red.

The following are the only exceptions to this requirement:

a) International racers must submit proof of participation in at least three 2017 roadraces in the country of their license.
b) 2016 AHRMA National or Regional Roadrace Champions are exempted from the requirement of participating in two races in the previous 13 months as detailed above.
c) Professional US racers who submit 2017 results and agree to participate in both AHRMA practice days to become familiar with AHRMA-specific procedures.
d) In an extremely limited number of instances, certain well-known professional national or international championship riders with a high-level of public recognition (for instance, Kevin Schwantz in 2011) will be allowed to compete without meeting the above-noted requirements.

The final decision in these exemptions will rest with the AHRMA Executive Committee. Riders wishing to request an exemption must submit a request, along with documentation supporting the request, to the AHRMA Executive Director no later than 14 days prior to the Barber pre-entry deadline.

3. All race participants at Barber must participate in either the Thursday or Friday AHRMA practice day. As in 2012-‘16, there will be no raceday practice either Saturday or Sunday.

4. There will be no AHRMA Fast & Safe Roadracing School at Barber.

5. AHRMA will accept a maximum of 600 entries per day