AHRMA’s Online Race and Membership Management System

Our Online Race and Membership Management System is designed to make your online activities — membership renewal, race entry, transponder rental and even Fast & Safe Roadracing School enrollment — as simple as possible, while also saving you money! 

You can access the online system by clicking on the banner on AHRMA’s website homepage, or click here, or on the icon at right, which will take you to the login screen.

step1Once at the login screen, new members will need to create an account. To do this, click on “Not Registered with Online Yet?” and follow the prompts and directions to create a user name; the system will then email you a temporary password. Once this email is received, click on the link to complete your account registration. On you’re there and signed-in, you can enter any personal information, such as your address and telephone numbers. This area is accessed by clicking on the “View/Edit Your User Info” button on the Rider Homepage. You may also reset your password at that time.

step2Once you are in, to join or renew your membership, click on the “View/Edit Your AHRMA Membership Info” button. On this page, you may also select a bike number for any or all competition disciplines for which a number is required, in real time.

UnadillaCC_sarah_lane_webTo register for a race: Once your account is established, your membership is current, and you have your competition number, you may use to enter (register for) a race. On the Rider Homepage, select the discipline in which you’d like to compete, and click on “Register.” You’ll be directed to that discipline’s race schedule. Select an event, then the class(es) you’d like to ride. Once you read and (virtually) sign the “Release and Indemnity Agreement,” you’ll go to the payment screen. Follow the instructions to pay for your entries through PayPal. If you do not want to become a PayPal member or pay via your PayPal account, you may also use any major credit or debit card as your payment method by selecting the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” link from the main PayPal login screen. Befuddled? You can still enter the event by by the traditional mail, fax or email methods (see below).

step3When the payment process is complete, you will receive three emails for each day you’ve entered. One is the payment receipt from PayPal, the second is a more-detailed receipt, and the third is the confirmation and release; take this confirmation to the track with you. Multiple-day events require a separate registration for each day; for the roadrace program, this allows to build the entry lists and grids for the races.

All available instructions are located along the left-side of the screen at all times during the process. If you have any questions or need assistance, the email and phone number are shown at the lower-left corner of each page.

Note: If, during the process, is unable to match you with your data, or if you encounter any difficulties with a new online membership, please call at 231.780.4604, or the Membership office at 321.277.4985.

Online race registration is available for all current/active AHRMA members, with the exception of anyone who is not paying for the race entry, such as: A) Riders age 70 and older who take advantage of AHRMA’s free-entry policy, or B) Any rider using a credit from a prior event to pay for the current entry. Members who fall into these two categories must mail, fax, or email their entry to the National office: 309 Buffalo Run, Goodlettsville, TN 37072, fax: 615.420.6438, email Of course, anyone is always welcome to mail, fax or email an event entry to the National office.  A downloadable mail-in form may be found on the Member Resources page.

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