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Stephen Briggs-1995

Stephen Briggs-1995

New Zealander Stephen Briggs, who finished second in the BEARS World Championship in 1995, will be racing with us and also running some hot laps around the Road America circuit on the same Britten he campaigned that year for the CR & S team from Italy. One of the ten V1000’s produced, and the first customer supplied bike in its Black and Yellow CR & S team livery, was raced from 1994 through 1998 across the world including the Isle of Man. Since being put back into race ready condition in 2014 after more than 15 years of display, it sees the track quite often for demonstration runs from events in New Zealand to the Isle of Man, Assen, Barber and several other destinations. Typically, it is paired with the 1995 Championship winning  ex-factory bike ridden by Andrew Stroud and kept in New Zealand, and is still ridden by Andrew for demonstrations although that bike is undergoing some rebuilding at present. The keepers of those two bikes plan to continue running them as living history at select events.

Andrew Stroud & Stephen Briggs 1995

Andrew Stroud & Stephen Briggs 1995

Stephen Briggs enjoyed a successful professional racing career at the world level including 500 GP racing, and as a development rider for several projects. Stephen enjoys occasional racing in New Zealand and trips to the US for some AHRMA racing as well.

The iconic bike will be outside of garages 12-13 on display throughout the event along with some historic photos and official Britten Motorcycle Co. merchandise available for purchase. There will be demonstration runs each day likely timed around the lunch break.

All ten of the Britten V1000’s still exist today as complete bikes, six being in the US, and four in New Zealand.

Three earlier versions also exist and are still in New Zealand.

~Bob Robbins
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