AHRMA is pleased to announce the selection of the new AHRMA Executive Director, Curtis Comer.  His start date with AHRMA is April 1, 2019.

Curtis Comer, known to most as Curt, has worked as a corporate accountant for over twenty-five years building, leading and advising companies through complex restructurings, international expansions, and growth.  Influenced by his Dad and Uncle, Curt’s love of motorcycles began at an early age.  From the first time he swung his leg over his cousin’s’ Gilera 106cc in 1969 – motorcycles have and continue to be a passion for Curt.

Curt is a member of Huntsville First Church of the Nazarene and has been married to Dewanna Gardner Comer for 32 years.  They have one daughter (Hannah) and a one-year old grandson Cohen.  Yes, Cohen already has his own stable of motorcycles and Curt is excited to share his love of motorcycling with this little guy.

Curt and Dewanna currently serve as Co-Youth Directors for the South Eastern Trials Riders Association (STRA) and enjoy sharing their passion and developing the younger generation.

Curt holds multiple motorcycle championship titles and enjoys tinkering in his shop.  A member of AHRMA since 1990 Curt has competed with AHRMA in all disciplines including Roadrace, Trials, Motocross, Cross Country and Dirt Track.

Curt holds a BBA Accounting from Middle Tennessee State University.

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