Congratulations to all of our 2018 National Champions!

2018 Flagging by Faynisha National Historic Cup Roadrace Champions

200 Grand Prix Plus: Gregory Glevicky

250 Grand Prix: Kevin Burns

350 Grand Prix: Alex Mclean

500 Grand Prix: Alex Mclean

500 Premier: Andrew Mauk

Battle of the Twins: Nathan Kern

BEARS: Clay Land

CB 160: Gregory Glevicky

Class C Footshift: David Tompkins

Class C Handshift: David Bourbeau

Classic Sixties: Alex Mclean

Classic Sixties 650: Greg Tomlinson

eSuperSport: Brian Larrabure

Formula 125: Neil Pooler

Formula 250: Daniel Miller

Formula 500: Mark Morrow

Formula 750: Mark Morrow

Formula Classic Sidecar (SC4):
D-Nicholas Bailey / P-Dave Keister

Formula Thunder: Patrick Lansu

Formula Vintage: Mark Morrow

Lost Era Sidecar (SC3):
D-Murrae Haynes / P-Mabel Chin

Modern Sidecar FIM F2:
D-Peter Essaff / P-Johnny Crown

Modern Sidecar US F1: Bernard Juchli

Modern Sidecar US F2:
D-Pierre Rochat / P-Ruth Green

Motard: Paul Elledge

Next Gen Superbike: Gary Dipietro

Next Gen Superbike 2: John Burden

Novice Historic Production Heavyweight: Herm Narciso

Novice Historic Production Lightweight: Herm Narciso

Open Two-Stroke: Ralph Staropoli

Pre-1940: Alex Mclean

Sound of Singles 1: Jon Glaefke

Sound of Singles 2: Hugh Dunklee

Sound of Singles 3: Marc Purslow

Sound of Thunder 1: Nathan Kern

Sound of Thunder 2: Nathan Kern

Sound of Thunder 3: Kurt Klein

Sportsman 350: Taylor Miller

Sportsman 500: Taylor Miller

Sportsman 750: Nick Hargis

Stock Production Sidecar (SC2):
D-Tim Joyce / P-Kat Collins

Thruxton Cup Challenge: Mike Blankenship

Vintage Sidecar (SC1):
D-Mike Stivason / P-David Kiggins

Vintage Superbike Heavyweight: Dennis Parrish

Vintage Superbike Lightweight: Pete Homan

Vintage Superbike Middleweight: Alexander Cook

2018 VMC Racing Frames National Dirt Track Series Champions

Dinosaur: Beno Rodi

Classic 250: Henry Sansing

Classic 500/750: Scott Fluck

Sportsman 100: Michael Collier

Sportsman 250: Henry Sansing

Sportsman 600: David Aldana

Sportsman 750: Daniel Beher

Senior: David Aldana

Super Senior: David Aldana

Seventies Singles: David Aldana

Seventies Singles 50+: David Aldana

Seventies Two-Stroke: Henry Sansing

Four-Stroke Super Singles: Charlie Williams

2018 Preston Petty Products National Vintage Motocross Series Champions

Premier LWT INT: Dan Beher

Premier LWT EXP: Beno Rodi

Premier 350 NOV: Ellen Voermans

Premier 350 EXP: Beno Rodi

Premier 500 INT: Mike Miller

Premier 500 EXP: Beno Rodi

Premier Open Twins NOV: Luke Sayer

Premier Open Twins INT: Dan Beher

Premier Open Twins EXP: Beno Rodi

Classic 125 INT: Mike Bickley

Classic 125 EXP: Mike Mitrione

Classic 250 NOV: Mark Smithard

Classic 250 INT: Rod Skaggs

Classic 250 EXP: Andy Blackburn

Classic 500 NOV: Glenn Gallimore

Classic 500 INT: Keith Jeter

Classic 500 EXP: Andy Blackburn

Early Sportsman Stock 250 NOV: Mitch Skaggs

Early Sportsman Stock 250 INT: Michael Pritchard

Early Sportsman Stock 250 EXP: Bruce Rounsaville

Early Sportsman Stock 500 INT: Stan Clayton

Early Sportsman Stock 500 EXP: Bruce Rounsaville

100cc Motocross NOV: Denis Jeffries

100cc Motocross INT: James Roberts

100cc Motocross EXP: Mike Mitrione

Sportsman 125 NOV: Mitch Skaggs

Sportsman 125 INT: Mike Bickley

Sportsman 125 EXP: Curt Jaimet

Sportsman 250 NOV: Wesley Wyman

Sportsman 250 INT: Eddie Parks

Sportsman 250 EXP: Greg Wheeler

Sportsman 500 NOV: Mark Smithard

Sportsman 500 INT: James Golliher

Sportsman 500 EXP: Mike Wheeler

Sportsman Open Twins EXP: Mike Parker

Vintage Open Age NOV: Michael Welden

Vintage Open Age INT: Norm Wright

Vintage Open Age EXP: Bob Bean

Vintage +40 NOV: Greg Conn

Vintage +40 INT: Devon Long

Vintage +40 EXP: Greg Wheeler

Vintage +50 NOV: Wesley Wyman

Vintage +50 INT: Brian Oakley

Vintage +50 EXP: Mike Wheeler

Vintage +60 NOV: Luke Sayer

Vintage +60 INT: Norm Wright

Vintage +60 EXP: Danny Wirt

Vintage +70 INT: Chuck DeRan

Vintage +70 EXP: Barry Higgins

Women INT: Danna Blackburn

Women EXP: Charlene Campbell

2018 Race Tech National Post Vintage Motocross Series Champions

Historic 125 – Novice: Shelia Monk

Historic 125 – Intermediate: Albert Newmann

Historic 125 – Expert: Mike Mitrione

Historic 250 – Novice: Greg Conn

Historic 250 – Intermediate: Larry Perkins

Historic 250 – Expert: Bob Bitting

Historic 500 – Novice: Mark Smithard

Historic 500 – Intermediate: James Golliher

Historic 500 – Expert: Alan Drane

Historic 4-stroke – Expert: Mike Mitrione

GP 125 – Novice: Becky Hayes

GP 125 – Intermediate: Joe Morgan

GP 250 – Intermediate: Lee Bob Willingham

GP 500 – Novice: Mark Smithard

GP 125 – Expert: Greg Wheeler

GP 250 – Expert: Mike Wheeler

GP 500 – Intermediate: Lee Bob Willingham

GP 500 – Expert: Mike Wheeler

Ultima 125 -Novice: Rick Fisher

Ultima 125 – Intermediate: Jason Elder

Ultima 125 – Expert: Curt Jaimet

Ultima 250 – Intermediate: Mike Bickley

Ultima 250 – Expert: Bob Bean

Ultima 500 – Novice: Michael Welden

Ultima 500 – Intermediate: Rob Springer

Ultima 500 – Expert: Greg Wheeler

Ultima 4-stroke – Novice: Whitey Parker

Ultima 4-stroke – Intermediate: Eddie Parks

Ultima 4-stroke – Expert: Mike Mitrione

PV Women – Intermediate: Becky Hayes

PV Women – Expert: Charlene Campbell

PV Open Age – Intermediate: Eddie Parks

PV Open Age – Expert: Mike Parker

PV +40 – Novice: Michael Welden

PV +40 – Intermediate: Charlene Campbell

PV +40 – Expert: Greg Wheeler

PV +50 – Novice: Shelia Monk

PV +50 – Intermediate: Mike Bickley

PV +50 – Expert: Mike Wheeler

PV +60 – Novice: John Henderson

PV +60 – Intermediate: John Fedor

PV +60 – Expert: Bob Bean

PV +70 – Novice: Whitey Parker

PV +70 – Intermediate: Guenter Sommer

PV +70 – Expert: Skip Kennedy

Pre Modern – Intermediate: John Fedor

Pre Modern – Expert: George Nebeling

2018 Speed & Sport National Vintage Trials Series Champions

Girder Expert: Beno Rodi

Rigid Heavyweight Intermediate: Rob Strickler

Premier Lightweight Expert: Jim Wilson

Premier Lightweight Intermediate: Tyrus Wilson

Premier Lightweight Novice: Sandra Bilewitch

Premier Heavyweight Expert: Matt Parsons

Premier Heavyweight Intermediate: Luke Sayer

Classic Expert: Joe Klokkevold

Classic Intermediate: John Hart

Classic Novice: Mike Collier

Modern Classic Master: Ralph Foster

Modern Classic Expert: Gary Gronow

Modern Classic Intermediate: Jeff Bushey

Modern Classic Novice: Grant Menghini

2018 John Penton/Preston Petty National Cross Country Series Champions


Premier Expert: Dennis Brown

Premier Intermediate: Bryan Johnson

Premier Novice: John Knapp

Classic Expert: James Smith

Classic Intermediate: David Brown

Sportsman 100 Expert: Jerry Allison Jr.

Sportsman 100 Intermediate: Mark Eichhorn

Sportsman 200 Expert: Timothy Grow

Sportsman 200 Intermediate: Eddie Parks

Sportsman 200 Novice: Robert Collier

Sportsman Open Expert: Kevin O’Brien

Sportsman Open Intermediate: Joseph Cole

Vintage +50 Expert: David Lamberth

Vintage +50 Intermediate: Brian Miller

Vintage +60 Expert: Mick Milakovic

Vintage +60 Intermediate: Mark Zachary

Vintage +70 Expert: Zahn Lewis

Vintage +70 Intermediate: Bill Ryburn

Vintage Women Expert: Danielle Ballard

Post Vintage

Historic 200 Expert: James Smith

Historic 200 Novice: David Clark

Historic Open Expert: Mick Milakovic

Historic Open Intermediate: Lon Fields

Historic Open Novice: Chris Jetton

PV 200 Expert: Gary Williams

PV 200 Intermediate: Brian Holley

PV 200 Novice: Banyon Patterson

PV Open Expert: Trampas Parker

PV Open Intermediate: David Brown

PV +50 Expert: Timothy Grow

PV +50 Intermediate: Lloyd Loux

PV +50 Novice: David Paschal

PV +60 Expert: Kevin Obrien

PV +60 Intermediate: Dave McIntyre

PV +60 Novice: Larry Meeker

PV +70 Expert: Fred Veator

PV +70 Intermediate: Brooks Blair

PV +70 Novice: Tim O’Kelly

PV Women Expert: Shelia Monk

PV Women Intermediate:  Becky Hayes

PV Women Novice: Jenn Smith

Pre Modern Expert: Dave Kutskel

Pre Modern Intermediate: Brian Miller

Pre Modern Novice: Brian Turk