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Latest Issue

August 2019, Vol. No. 1, Issue No. 7

AHRMA Mag is published 10 times per year and is the official magazine publication of AHRMA. It contains reports on racing events and other happenings in the world of historic motorcycling.

On the cover: Jim Pomeroy, the first American to win a FIM Motocross Grand Prix, the Spanish 250, gave a good account of himself at Unadilla, barely yielding to an inspired – and more big-bike-experienced – Brad Lackey.  Photo: Dexter Ford.

In this issue:

  • AHRMA Celebrates 30 Years at World Famous Unadilla
  • New Venue: Heartland Motorsports Park
  • Preliminary 2020 Rules Proposals

The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association Ltd. (AHRMA) is a not-for-profit organization
dedicated to restoring and competing on historic motorcycles.

With over 3000 members, AHRMA is the largest historic racing group
in North America and one of the biggest in the world.

The association’s popularity reflects the nation’s fascination with classic and historic bikes.

AHRMA offers national and regional roadracing, motocross, dirt track, cross country and observed trials competition for historic motorcycles. In addition to conducting the AHRMA Fast & Safe Roadracing School, the organization also showcases “alternative” modern racing – Sound of Singles®, Battle of Twins®, Sound of Thunder and Formula Lightning®,  zero-emissions electric motorcycle racing.

AHRMA’s mission is to recreate and preserve the vintage era of roadracing, including the sights, sounds, smells and camaraderie. Certain historical groups of machines are also included in AHRMA’s paddock. See our National schedule.

The machines raced in the era were basic transportation-based models with slight modifications. They were raced over farmland settings with natural challenges. Higher speeds, terrain and off-camber turns provided the main challenges on these tracks that are typical of those used into the early ‘70s. See our National schedule.

Machines of this era were purpose-built motocross racers which introduced many technologies, from the very first long-travel suspension through to the advent of water-cooled engines and linkage-controlled rear suspensions found at the end of this exciting time in motocross. See our National schedule.

AHRMA’s observed trials goal is to provide its members a safe, historically accurate environment to showcase and experience vintage machinery. With period-accurate sections, machines will remain true to their original concept, and the techniques required to ride them will do the same, enhancing the entire vintage trials scene. See our National Trials schedule.

Cross country riding is how motorcycling began, because roads where very few and far between when motorcycles were born. As the motorcycles and roads improved, the riders still challenged themselves with off-road competitions on ancient Roman roads in Europe and on “cow and wagon” trails in the USA. AHRMA provides its members with a safe and historically-accurate racing environment to showcase and experience vintage and post vintage machines for all skill levels of riders.
Dirt track racing has been the mainstay of American motorcycling since the earliest days and blossomed into a unique American sport with the advent of Class C racing by the AMA in the 1930s. AHRMA has attempted to preserve the sights and sounds of this uniquely American sport and display it to the public by providing a set of governing rules intended to capture each distinct period of dirt track racing (Class C, brakeless, vintage, and Seventies era) and pit the motorcycles of that period against each other in fair competition.

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