Welcome to the AHRMA Rocky Mountain Region!

Rocky Mountain (CO, KS, MT, ND, NE, SD, UT, WY)
Contact: Jason Colon
Website: www.ahrmarm.org
Phone: 347.621.8841
email: jasoncolonahrma@gmail.com
Facebook: AHRMA Rocky Mountains

Welcome AHRMA racers! I am pleased to announce The Rocky Mountain AHRMA Region will be partnering with The Rocky Mountain Vintage Motocross Club in 2019! AHRMA Regional championship points will be scored separately from and in addition to RMVMX Club class points if you are members of both organizations. The Two Rivers National event will count for DOUBLE Rocky Mountain Region points! The event in Niarada, MT will be run by our neighboring AHRMA North West Region.

~Jason Colon, Regional Coordinator for the Rocky Mountain Region

AHRMA Rocky Mountain Region 2020 Schedule

Coming Soon

AHRMA Rocky Mountain Region
2019 Class Champions!

Todd Broyles #308
Vintage Classic 125 intermediate
Vintage Age 50+ Intermediate

Dean Haight #88F
Post Vintage Age 50+ Intermediate

Joe Jarvie #3
Pre-Modern 250 Expert

Bob Rader #77V
Vintage Sportsman 500 Intermediate
Vintage Sportsman Open Twins Intermediate

Billy Russell #101
Vintage Sportsman 250 Expert
Vintage Age 60+ Expert

Mike Schenk #1
Ultima 125 Expert
Post Vintage Age 50+ Expert
Next Gen-1 250 Expert
Next Gen Age 50+ Expert