How to join AHRMA

In addition to full Race Memberships, Associate Memberships are also available for non-racers who are interested in receiving the AHRMA Mag and supporting the racing community.

Roadracers:  Unless you are planning on taking the Fast & Safe Roadracing school, you are required to provide evidence that in the past two years you have either successfully completed a recognized road race school or competed with another road race organization acceptable to AHRMA.  Please forward this information to Elli Klein at or fax to 904.485.8075.

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Have questions? Ask a Mentor.

If you have questions about what bike may be right for you, or what class you should try, a fellow AHRMA racer would be glad to help get you started. There are folks willing to help whether you’re riding your first moto or you’re looking toward your 1000th lap of roadracing.

AHRMA Mentoring Program

Notes for Roadracers

Fast & Safe Roadracing School gets you started

Roadrace schools will be available at eight rounds of the 2016 AHRMA roadracing series. It’s a fun and safe way to learn motorcycle roadracing; pass the class on Friday, race with AHRMA on the weekend. This class is also widely recognized by other organizations.  Printable forms may be found in the Members Resources.

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Learning to race – inside the classroom and out

To read about two new racers’ experiences taking AHRMA’s Fast & Safe Roadracing School, click here.

Race School Info

What to do on your first day at the races

Notes for new roadracers; what to do on your first race day at the racetrack.

Roadracer First Timer Notes

Want to race with us at Barber?

If you’d like to compete at the Barber Vintage Festival in October, please keep in mind the qualification requirements; click the button below to view the complete requirements.

Barber Racer Requirements