Rules & Eligibility Committees

For rule clarifications and questions of machine eligibility, contact members of the following committees. Before contacting a Rules & Eligibility Committee member, please consult the Handbook. Requests for rules changes must be sent in writing to the AHRMA National office, using the official “Proposal for Rule Change” form in the AHRMA Handbook.

Vintage Roadrace Rules & Eligibility

Main contact: Carl Anderson, 256.353.8356;

Fred Mork, Chairman, 510.845.0992; fax 510.845.2358;

Brian Slark, 205.527.1040;

Sound of Singles/Battle of Twins/Sound of Thunder Rules & Eligibility

Karsten Illg, Chairman, 815.923.4537;

Paul Elledge, 312.733.8021;

Murrae Haynes, 505.699.7539 (cell);

Vintage Superbike Rules & Eligibility

Gary Swan, Chairman, 818.891.0330;

Joe Weir, 503.232.7259;

Thad Wolff, 805.499.9720;

Arthur Kowitz, Technical Consultant, 386.547.9504,

Dennis Parrish, Technical Consultant, 505.503.0902;

Next Gen Superbike Rules & Eligibility

Chris Boy, Chairman, 954.608.0350; 

Chris Bush, 928.225.0766;

Bob Robbins, 610.435.1333;

Sidecar Roadrace Rules & Eligibility

Brad Phillips,Chairman, 864.915.9881;

Roger Preston, 724.266.2343;

Tim Joyce, 850.240.5629;


Vintage Motocross Rules & Eligibility

Louis LeBlanc, Chairman 225.405.8707;

Albert Newmann, 214.288.1135;

Mike Parker, 479.530.1515;

Technical consultant (East): James Smith, 810.227.4187;

Post Vintage Motocross Rules & Eligibility

Fred Guidi, Chairman, 724.462.1854;

Bill Mathews, 301.253.6370;

Allen Wenzel, 925.829.9386;

Vintage Trials Rules & Eligibility

Rob Poole, Chairman, 415.990.9003 after 6pm;  fax 415.889.4059;

Graham Foster, 931.224.2523;

Cross Country Rules & Eligibility

James Smith, Chairman, 810.227.4187;

Jerry Grakauskas, 440.213.5146;

Craig Hayes, 608.239.3986;

Next Gen MX

Fred Guidi, Chairman, 724.462.1854;

Jason Colon, 347.621.8841;

Dirt Track Rules & Eligibility

Beno Rodi, Chairman, 770.867.1676;

David Aldana, 770.653.1909;

Louis LeBlanc, 225.405.8707;

Awards Committee

Selects recipients of special annual awards and coordinates presentation of those awards.

Debbie Poole, Chairman, 415.889.4049;  fax 415.889.4059;

Fred Guidi, 724.462.1854;

Cindy McLean, 904.477.6987;

Rick Richter, 715.634.2315;

Benevolent Fund Advisory Committee

Advises on investment decisions and contribution requests for the Benevolent Fund.

Bob Goodpaster, Chairman, 219.942.2401;

Luke Conner, 337.280.1066;

Dick Mann, 775.265.4904; fax 775.265.4992;

Risk Management Committee

Addresses issues relating to safety and reducing risks to members and to the association.

Kelly Shane, Chairman, 775.772.2857;

Rob Stickler, home 970.879.0277; work 970.879.2410; fax 970.879.3377;

Arthur Kowitz, 386.547.9504; <