AHRMA has enriched my personal life with meaningful friendships and enjoyable experiences beyond any other pastime I have ever participated in. My name is Albert Newmann and I am running for Western Region Trustee. My primary goal as Trustee is to allow me to serve the organization’s current members, and attract future members, so they garner the same personal satisfaction I have been afforded to acquire as a member of AHRMA.

Some of you may already know me. I have been serving as the South-Central Regional Off-Road Coordinator for the past five years. I have served as a volunteer for nearly fifteen years and assisted prior regional coordinators during that time span. In the last year, I have actively participated with the Communications Committee and currently involved with the Competition Committee. There are years of experience with current and former directors, coordinators, marketing/media, and trustees of AHRMA. As a volunteer there is no job that has not been performed as well as a fill-in race director over the years. Also, routinely at my side is my wife Judy, who assist in whatever roll needs filling on race day as well as taking pictures for many to relive their AHRMA adventures. It has been a pleasure to perform in these roles and a valuable learning experience to drive me to the decision in taking the next step and serve as a Trustee.

The last few years were challenging as many changes have occurred in AHRMA. Change is rarely easy and often met with many hurdles to overcome for success over time. Change brings opportunity and to assist in taking these new opportunities to success is something I am familiar with in my professional life. Currently, I work for one of the largest non-profit medical science research and fundraising organizations globally as a technical project manager. I have also served as a business and data analyst in various organizations over the past twenty years and am well versed in understanding how business areas of an organization work, as well as analysis trending and investment return. The experience and opportunities I have been exposed to, both professional and personal, inspire me to create a positive change and contribute to an impactful difference for AHRMA. My nature is to work collaboratively with people and take small incremental steps in a judicious manner to achieve goals.

In my time serving as regional coordinator we have taken a region with no awards program or racing schedule to a respectful and self-sustaining program that is highly regarded amongst members across the nation. In this same five-year period, the South-Central region has been able to grow membership numbers during a period where a substantial decrease of national member count has occurred. As you have read so far, I am not a race promoter or intrinsically “just a motorcycle guy”, however finding the proper resources to guide decisions on how to become a successful region were key to our success. AHRMA is surrounded by an incredible pool of talent from all walks of life and many of them are more than willing to help.

A Road Racing member may wonder what is this off-road guy going to understand and help us achieve? It’s a fair question and my answer is I will find the proper resources to help guide decision making as there is no one person who has all the right answers. Just as in my business life it is imperative to recognize who are the subject matter experts and utilize them for proper decision making. This will be no different and you all have a voice.

Items to work on initially are how to change the sponsorship program in off-road to acquire more funding and contribute to the bottom line financially. The road racing program for sponsorship is light years ahead of the off-road program. This must change. Our volunteer base needs to grow. So, how do we go about that to incentivize members to volunteer? I believe there is opportunity here also that needs to be standardized, captured, and communicated. Lastly, our membership needs more value. We can add more value!

As a board trustee I am committed to open, purposeful and respectful dialogue, and discussion that includes all perspectives. If you decide to vote for me you can do so with confidence that I will approach the best interest of our organization, maintain its core values, and most of all, be focused on the experiences you will encounter as a member of AHRMA.