Dirt Track Mission Statement

Dirt track racing has been the mainstay of American motorcycling since the earliest days and blossomed into a unique American sport with the advent of Class C racing by the AMA in the 1930s. The proliferation of dirt ovals throughout America led to further development of this 100% American sport up through the 1970s, resulting in several distinctly different forms of racing motorcycles — each developed to suit the rules of the time period and optimized for dirt oval racing.

The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association has attempted to preserve the sights and sounds of this uniquely American sport and display it to the public by providing a set of governing rules intended to capture each distinct period of dirt track racing (Class C, brakeless, vintage, and Seventies era) and pit the motorcycles of that period against each other in fair competition. Races are held on a variety of dirt tracks, ranging from short tracks, half-miles, miles and Tourist Trophy circuits, with National points awarded to encourage participation and recognize achievement. The rules are written to provide safe and suitable competition classes for as many period motorcycles as possible while maintaining level competition between different types and preserving the historical basis for each class. A concerted effort is made to maintain a stable rules structure so that members may participate with their machines for an extended period of time without having to upgrade or modify their motorcycles to adapt to changing rules.

Refunds: Refunds will be issued only to pre-entered riders who have filed a Refund/Credit Request Form with the AHRMA National office. A refund form is in the Handbook, may be obtained from the office, or can be downloaded here. The form may be filed by mail, email, fax, or the office may be telephoned with the relevant information. Please see AHRMA Handbook rule 4.7 for more details..

Racing Classes

The following classes are offered. Check the AHRMA Handbook for complete details of class requirements..

Dinosaur: 1951 and earlier 500cc OHV and 750cc sidevalve (unlimited displacement in TT).

Classic: 1967 and earlier machines. Classes include 0-250cc and 500cc OHV/750cc sidevalve (0-250cc and Open in TT).

Sportsman: 1974 and earlier dirt trackers, divided into three classes for 0-250cc, 251-600cc and 601-750cc machines.

Senior: Riders age 50 and older on any Sportsman-eligible machine.

Super Senior: Riders age 60 and older on any Sportsman-eligible machine.

Seventies Singles: Post-vintage-era 600cc and smaller four-stroke machines such as competed in the late 1970s.

Seventies Two-Stroke: 1981 and earlier air-cooled two-strokes up to 250cc.

Seventies Singles 50+: Riders age 50 and over riding any Seventies Singles or Seventies Two-Stroke eligible machine.

250 Framer: 1999 and earlier two- and four-stroke engines, up to 250cc, in custom tubular dirt track racing frames.

Four-Stroke Super Singles: 1999 and earlier engines, up to 600cc, in custom tubular dirt track racing frames.

Novice: A non-championship class run at selected events for entry-level riders on any Sportsman-eligible machine.