The AHRMA organization has over 3000 enthusiastic, active members. The vintage-era machines displayed and used in AHRMA events span a full 60 years, from the 1920s to the mid-’80s.  The National-championship schedule typically includes at least 14 rounds each in roadracing, motocross, dirt track, cross country and trials.

Surveys have found AHRMA members are mature, fairly affluent, well-educated and very dedicated to motorcycling. Below are the findings of our 2008 survey (along with other data, where noted):

Business owner2316-302
Sales/marketing4Average age: 51*
Service4Highest level of education%
Military1Some high school2
High school or equivalent38
Household income%Trade school16
Under $30,0007Bachelor's degree33
$30,000-$60,00032Master's degree7
Motorcycle magazines read%
Motorcycle-related spending$Vintage Views92
New/used motorcycles4370American Motorcyclist69
New parts872Cycle News37
Services835Racer X17
Used parts459Cycle World40
Suspension474Classic Bike12
Safety apparel401Motorcyclist17
Tools190Roadracing World14
Fuel/lubrication531Classic Racer7
Logo clothing/items198The Classic Motor Cycle8
Books/magazines/manuals165Dirt Bike15
Chain/sprockets165AHRMA annual travel (all)%
1 to 5 days7
AHRMA Member Online6 to 10 days32
Use email87%11 to 14 days14
Source vendors online77%15 to 19 days10
Internet users who buy online67%20 to 30 days18
31 to 40 days6
Motorcycle activities%41+ days6
Motocross29Why do members participate in AHRMA%
Street riding14Vintage Motorcycles59
Roadracing19AHRMA people17
Trail riding/dual sport4Track time10
Spectator3Event location4
Observed trials5Win Championship3
Cross country7Volunteer2
Dirt track8AHRMA competition preferences%
Show restoration4Single race weekends70
Other6Back-to-back weekends30
Trials competition5Single-event weekends20
Multiple-event weekends80

AHRMA members represent nearly $60 million in annual motorcycle-related spending (not including race entries or travel!). To reach these customers, consider advertising in Vintage Views, the annual handbook, event programs or on this website. AHRMA can also coordinate direct mailings to the entire membership, or to selected subgroups. Contact Alice Sexton with advertising needs. For sponsorship opportunities and vendor/display space at events, contact David Lamberth.