The regular quarterly meeting of the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) was held on Monday, March 11, 2019, at 08:00 A.M., at NOLA Motorsports Park, New Orleans, LA, the Chairman being in the chair and the Secretary being present.  The minutes from the Williams, CA meeting were approved (11-0 favor and one recuse).

Attendees: Non-Trustees – Cindy McLean, Alex McLean, Greg Glevicky.  Trustees – Carl Anderson, Kevin Burns, Fred Guidi, Arthur Kowitz (Treasurer), Louis LeBlanc (Secretary), Beno Rodi, Luke Connor (Chairman), Brian Larrabure, Debbie Poole, Rob Poole, Kelly Shane, Pat Riley (first session only).

Election of officers for the Executive Board was conducted.

Chairman Nominees:  Kevin Burns nominated Luke Connor and someone nominated Kelly Shane for Chairman.  Votes: 8 Connor / 4 Shane.

Secretary Nominees:  Someone nominated Louie LeBlanc and someone nominated Kelly Shane.  Votes: 7 LeBlanc / 5 Shane

Treasurer Nominees: Someone nominated Arthur Kowitz.  No other nominations submitted.

Member Open Comment Session:  Cindy McLean and Greg Glevicky presented information regarding AHRMA’s website and social media presence providing recommendations for how to make these platforms serve AHRMA most effectively.  After much discussion, Luke started to make a motion, but the motion wasn’t recorded on the podcast.

Treasurers Report & ED Report.  (As the new Treasurer, Arthur Kowitz, was to read the report and the ED report and provide a summary.)

Discipline Health Discussion:  Luke reported on Road Race. Dave Aldana Dirt Track report was presented.

RR Premier Club – After discussion, Luke volunteered to write this procedure and submit back at a later time.

VMX at Barber Festival – Discussed the safety concerns at this event and agreed that Luke and Beno would contact Barber, but for now no VMX until safety issues are resolved.

2019 Vintage Cup – Reported that this is a success.

Honor Brands at events:   Discussed prior years being successful.  More information to be gathered and presented at a later unspecified time.

Driving Membership – Multiple ideas were discussed on how to increase membership.  No motions came from this discussion.

Rules Proposals Processes/Procedures:  Discussion about how to move this process into an electronic format for future years.  For 2019 rule change proposals will be accepted beginning May 1 and ending May 24 and will be submitted as done in previous years.

Long Range Planning:  This session included discussion on streamlining the off road business model and the need for consistency throughout AHRMA.  A motion for Fred to contact PNW about cross-pollination between organizations made.  There was not an official vote; however, all present agreed.

Bristol Event:  Discussed a change in personnel at this location and how this venue can be best implemented.  Eventually this went into a closed session.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 P.M.

Note: Minutes were transcribed by Dewanna Comer from listening to the published Board of Trustees meeting podcast posted at AHRMA’s request on the SeriesTracker website.  Therefore, some detail could have inadvertently gone missing and there are no official minutes of “Closed Session” activities.