From National Off-Road Director Fred Guidi: It is with great pleasure that I introduce Mr. Jason Colón to the new position of National Off-Road Regions Coordinator. This position was created to bring continuity to our individual regions and to assist with unique issues that our Regional Coordinators face. As the off-road program grows, Jason will focus on strengthening the regions and blending their activities with our National schedule. More information will be forthcoming, and we are excited to have Jason become part of our team! Below are a few words that will help you get to know him:


As a small business owner and parent of a special needs child, I have learned the value of understanding differing perspectives and building consensus in a leadership role. Whether navigating complex issues in my architectural practice or at home, listening is the key to effective decision making, but listening alone without vision, focus, and tenacity seldom gets the job done. In my new position as National Off-Road Regions Coordinator, my charge will be to assist regional coordinators in building AHRMA’s off-road presence in their locales.

AHRMA has a great product and brand recognition that can be built on in the regions. This should be a golden age of vintage and post vintage off-road racing, ripe for creating memories and inspiring a new generation. I believe AHRMA’s proposed Next Gen motocross classes will help this to happen by elevating 1980s and ’90s machinery from support status to championship level, hopefully attracting new riders to AHRMA and increasing entry numbers for our promoters.

My racing history with AHRMA dates back more than 20 years; I’ve competed in roadracing, trials, vintage motocross, post vintage motocross and cross country events, and have enjoyed them all. To me AHRMA is family, it represents some of my closest and most enjoyable relationships. I’m looking forward to working with AHRMA’s members, Board, and regional coordinators in strengthening  the regions and creating more opportunities to have fun racing old motorcycles!

Hope to see you on any Sunday,
Jason M. Colón
(, 347.621.8841)