Member Code of Conduct

In order to better serve our AHRMA membership, the following Member Code of Conduct has been developed and accepted by the AHRMA Board of Trustees.  It outlines the obligations and expected behavior of our members and the disciplinary process and will be incorporated into the AHRMA Handbook beginning in 2020.  Behavior of AHRMA members includes, but is not limited to:

  • Always show respect for your fellow AHRMA members.

  • Always show respect and appreciation for the volunteers who give their time to help AHRMA.

  • Always be considerate and respectful to the property of other AHRMA members.


Behavior which may result in disciplinary action, made in any form of communication, whether via phone, in person, email, Facebook or any other social media or digital platform includes:

  • Derogatory Statements: Making derogatory statements about another member and/or that member’s family or business, any AHRMA Associate and/or that Associate’s family or business, any sponsor, any track personnel, any volunteers, or any AHRMA workers about or regarding:
    • Religion
    • Political beliefs
    • Heritage
    • Family members
    • Sexual orientation
    • Physical appearance or characteristics
    • Financial status or work status
    • Ability to compete or be competitive (outside of friendly trackside banter)
  • Any use of profanity directed at another member and/or that member’s family or business, or any AHRMA Associate and/or that Associate’s family or business.
  • Any action with a goal of defrauding or depriving the organization, promoter, other members, or any persons related to AHRMA.
  • Failure to follow any posted rules or policies.
  • Any discussions of AHRMA legal matters on digital and/or social media.
  • Any discussions of AHRMA financials on digital and/or social media
  • Any threats or actions of physical violence or assault.


Specific penalties range from verbal warning to blacklisting members/banishment.  The hierarchy of penalties follows:

  • First Offense – Informal verbal or written warning, by an AHRMA Official with documentation sent to the Executive Director who will then forward to the Board of Trustees and record in the membership database.
  • Second Offense – Written reprimand, by the Executive Director, with documentation sent to the Board of Trustees and written reprimand recorded in membership database.
  • Third Offense – Fine and/or probation, by the Executive Director, with documentation sent to the Board of Trustees and fine recorded or probation documented in membership database as “blacklisted”. The “Blacklisted” membership type will prevent member from signing up for any future events until probation period has expired.
  • Fourth Offense – Dismissal and forfeit dues paid.  This step is initiated by the Executive Director and executed after a majority vote from the Board of Trustees. Member is then blacklisted in membership database indefinitely.


The member can choose to appeal any actions taken against him/her in reference to the above listed penalties resulting from a Fourth Offense.  The appeal shall be in writing, postmarked within 30 days of the decision appealed and mailed to the Executive Director of AHRMA.

The appeal shall be accompanied by an appeal fee of $250. Disposition of the appeal fee shall be made by the Appeals Committee, which may decide to return or retain all or a portion of the fee.

Appeals will be heard by an Appeals Committee established by the Board of Trustees. The Committee shall consist of three members, as appointed from time to time by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees may appoint such Appeals Committee on a case-by-case basis, or establish a standing committee. The number of committees, the length of committee service and the persons serving on the committee(s) shall be at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees.

The appeal will include a hearing, either in person or by phone, as the committee determines. The committee will consider all information presented, both oral and written, within 30 days of the hearing. No attorneys are permitted to represent any party. The decision of the committee is final. The decision will be published in AHRMA MAG and will identify the parties, the dispute, the decision and the penalty (if any).