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Since it’s beginning in 1989, AHRMA members have elected twelve Trustees, six each from the Western Region and six from the Eastern Region. In the United States the dividing line is the Mississippi River, and in Canada the provincial line of Ontario and Manitoba. Due to population, historically the Western Trustees have been from California. Over the years, several members from east of the Rockies have run for Trustee. However with the exception of two Trustees from Colorado and Utah in the early 90’s, and a current Trustee from Louisiana the large number of members in California, Oregon and Washington (695 members or 53%) have outvoted the other nineteen states in the West.

At the January Board of Trustees meeting I submitted a proposal to the Board to form a Central Region so that Central Members will be able to elect Trustees from their Region and thereby have a voice in how our member owned organization is managed. The new Central Region would be carved out of the Eastern portion of the Western Region and the Western portion of the Eastern Region. The total number of Trustees will remain twelve with four Trustees in each Region. The Trustees in each region will be elected only by the members in that region.  Each of the three regions will be approximately equal in area and driving distance.

This is not a decision that will be made lightly. Please leave your comments in the section below.

-Kelly Shane

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