The AHRMA Communications Department is excited to share with our membership, that we have made the AHRMA Mag available in digital format on  We will be making future AHRMA Mag issues available online at the time your printed copy ships.  Unless you opt-out you will continue to receiving your printed copy in the mail.  The online AHRMA Mag is presented in “flip-book” format, and the pages can be enlarged and reduced.

In addition, while the AHRMA Handbook has always been available online as a PDF, it too is now presented in “flip-book” format.  The Handbook is still available for download by using the button on the AHRMA Handbook page.

If you are an AHRMA member with full membership status, you will receive this year’s hardcopy of the Handbook, however, the online AHRMA Handbook can contain updates of information that may not have made the printed version.  It’s strongly recommended that you use the online version of the AHRMA Handbook as the most current version.