AHRMA is pleased to announce that BEARS (British European and American Racing Series) Sidecar Racing is coming to AHRMA Roadracing as an exhibition class.  These sidecars are a very affordable way to get into sidecar racing by utilizing a stock motorcycle and a stock or custom platform.

The “Band of BEARS” sidecar  racing team has brought together the experienced Canadian racing team of Holden and Jordan on the BEARS #77 rig, and the experienced team of Glimmerveen and Stern on the BEARS #289 rig.

The team of Holden and Jordan need no introduction as they are well known past sidecar champions both in Canada and America.  They have returned to the track for this exhibition class.

The team of Glimmerveen/Stern is a new addition to AHRMA road racing.  Glimmerveen is a UK/European sidecar racer, sportscar racer, as well as a motorcycle designer and builder.  Stern is a championship sportscar driver, designer and builder.

BEARS Sidecar Racing North America will be racing with AHRMA at Roebling Road Raceway, February 22-24,  so stop by and check us out.  We will have some swag from BEARS Sidecar Racing UK and BEARS Sidecar Racing North America on hand, but quantity is limited.

Information about the BEARS Sidecar Exhibition Class

The list is huge!  However, being that this is North America, we have an amazing supply of Harley Davidson motorcycles available.  Harley Davidson has raced sidecars since the very early days of the sport.  So let’s bring this American made icon back to the track!

BMW K series bikes make an excellent race choice.

Pre-1987 manufactured motorcycles that would qualify:

  • Harley Davidson
  • Triumph
  • Norton
  • Ducati
  • BSA
  • BMW
  • Ural
  • Dnepr

AML Fabrication and Powder Coating have done a great job providing sidecar chairs for the ‘Band of BEARS’ Sidecar racing team.

For a “HD sportster” the “chair” fully equipped with heim joints can be purchased from AML for $1250, with the racer supplying the chair wheel. Chairs for other models may differ in price slightly.

They can fabricate a chair for you for any BEARS eligible motorcycle that you have.

Give them a call and tell them what you need:
AML Fabricators & Powdercoating.
South Saint Augustine, Florida.

The good folks at ‘Sidecar Radio’ in the UK have been fabricating chairs for the BMW K Series for a while.

These tried and tested passenger chairs can be bought from them and shipped to your door.

Contact them through “Steves Place” Sidecar forum and click the “Sidecar Radio” link.


Since its beginnings in the UK in 2014, BEARS (British European and American Racing Sidecars) has gained huge popularity. By far the least expensive form of sidecar racing available today, and provides an amazing experience for riders and spectators.

BEARS allows competitors to race easily accessible machinery while staying true to its racing roots and the original ‘big wheel/sitter rig’ configuration that was used at the very beginning of sidecar racing history.

Using machinery up to and including 1986 ensures that a huge range of motorcycle types and their parts, are available and keeps this class of racing very affordable.

  • A cut off date of Dec 31st 1986 on all machinery and their components.
  • Only motorcycles manufactured in the North America, Great Britain and Europe.
  • Engines must not exceed 1300cc and cannot include any components unavailable before the cut-off date (including engine blocks).
  • All engines must use pump gas.
  • Frame and yokes must be made by the same manufacture as the engine.
  • Frame loop must remain intact (engine cradle).
  • Swing-arms must be kept but the suspension may be made rigid. Complete new sub frame ‘hard tails’ not allowed.
  • Exhaust must follow the standard route for that motorcycle and must employ standard ‘header’ pipes.
  • Carburetors can be from any BEARS eligible motorcycle.
  • Brakes may be from any BEARS eligible motorcycle and disc/calipers are allowed with only one caliper per disc.
  • Fuel tank and battery must be stock and fitted in the original position with no modifications. Battery type may be changed.
  • Wheels can be of a type fitted to any BEARS eligible motorcycle prior to 1987 and be a minimum diameter of 17 inches.
  • The minimum diameter of the sidecar wheel is 17 inches.
  • The sidecar must be bolted or welded to the motorcycle frame.
  • Streamlining is restricted to a small nose cone.
  • Sidecar brakes are not allowed.
  • Sidecar chassis must be made of steel tube or box section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about BEARS Sidecar Racing

Sidecar racing has become extremely expensive. Racing Sidecars are hard to find and difficult to maintain with parts that are increasingly difficult to find. BEARS class racing is designed to bring the affordability back into the sport and open it up to anyone who would like to get out on the track and experience one of the most exhilarating forms of motorsport there is! Lots of available used stock bikes + lots of available stock parts + fabricators available to make the chairs.

BEARS rigs are as low cost as it gets in Sidecar racing! You provide the donor bike of your choice out of the many eligible Motorcycles and add the chair. The chair can be bought from around $1250.

Absolutely! The early days of Sidecar racing was all about big manufactures showing off what their street bikes could do. Stock motorcycles with sidecar attached with large diameter wheels. A far cry from the high cost and look of today’s modern sidecar racing. No BEARS Sidecars use components past the end of 1986.

Yes. As long as it meets the BEARS criteria, you can strip your old street bike and adapt it to race in the BEARS class without having to modify the frame, or steering substantially

Absolutely!  Contact us at BEARS Sidecars North America on Facebook and we can point you in the right direction for “chair” fabrication and tips on building the best BEARS sidecar rig that you can build!

Come and talk to us at a race and we will be happy to get you up to speed. Or, contact us at BEARSSidecarsNorthAmerica@gmail.com.