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AHRMA is pleased to announce the second annual ‘The AHRMA Vintage Cup’ sponsored by NYC Norton ( and Roadracing World (

This year’s inaugural Vintage Cup (350GP) is successfully bringing added attention to one of AHRMA’s foundation classes.

For the 2020 season, AHRMA’s 500GP and 500 Premier classes will be a featured series of events around the USA. Vintage 500GP and 500 Premier bikes will compete at all AHRMA National road races. In addition to the normal trophies and awards there will be added enhancements for the 2020 season, including:

  • Enhanced trophies throughout the season.
  • Special awards for series champion.
  • Articles and photos on to spotlight the class.
  • Roadracing World print magazine enhanced exposure for AHRMA, 500GP and 500 Premier.
  • Early access to paddock for pre-entered racers.
  • Racer spotlight features in AHRMA Mag.
  • Class champion on cover of AHRMA Mag.

Norton Manx, BSA, BMW Rennsport, Matchless G50, Paton twin, Vincent Grey Flash, and many more (See page 43 of the 2018 AHRMA Handbook and below)

500 PREMIER: Any fully GP-kitted 500cc OHV/OHC or 750cc sidevalve four-strokes built before December 31, 1968, and like design. Among the eligible machines are:

  • Benelli, “works” fours
  • Bianchi 500 “works” twin
  • BMW Rennsport
  • BSA 500cc twin or single “works” or replica, up to B50
  • Dick Mann frame with G50 or other period engine
  • Ducati 450 single
  • Ducati 500cc bevel-gear V-twin “works” racer and accurate replicas
  • ESO 500 single
  • Gilera
  • Harley-Davidson KR roadracer
  • Honda CR450 roadracer
  • Honda-Drixton 450
  • Honda RC181 4-cylinder (no replicas)
  • Jawa “works” twin
  • Jawa 500 single
  • Linto
  • Matchless G50
  • McIntyre Special and replica, G50 powered
  • Moto Guzzi single, twin and V8
  • MV triple
  • MV four, early wide-angle head (pre-1973 era)
  • Norton Dominator Daytona 500 or replica
  • Norton Manx
  • Paton twin (8-valve Paton twin not legal for 500 Premier)
  • Rickman GP roadracing frame, powered by G50 or other period engine
  • Royal Enfield, including India-built models.
  • Seeley frame with G50 or other period engine
  • Triton
  • Triumph 500cc twin “works” or replica; Weslake four-valve heads permitted
  • Velocette Thruxton and Venom Clubman
  • Vincent Grey Flash or replica
  • Weslake (Nourish) pre-unit engines

Note: Honda CB/CL/SL 350 twins are not eligible for this class. See 350 Sportsman or Formula 250.

500 GRAND PRIX: The eligible machine list is the same as 500 Premier. To enter this class, bikes must weigh at least 285 lbs dry, retain the original piston stroke and have a maximum five-speed gearbox. This class will be run with 500 Premier, but scored separately.


  1. All GP-class motorcycles must be fully GP-kitted, with no lights, no starting mechanisms, no street equipment or associated brackets (factory-welded brackets may be retained if desired), low narrow handlebars (maximum width 32 inches). Fairings are encouraged.
  2. Frame may be changed to racing type, though must be period type and style. (See rule 9.7.3)
  3. Front forks may be changed, though must be period type and style. “Ceriani-type” may be no larger in diameter than 35mm, unless supplied as OEM on that motorcycle.
  4. Period retrofit gearboxes are permitted (e.g., Quaife, Schafleitner). Maximum six speeds unless otherwise stated.
  5. Front disc brakes are prohibited. Rear disc brakes are permitted, but must be period equipment.
  6. Magnesium engine cases are allowed in 500 Premier.
  7. The number of valves in the cylinder head may not be increased or decreased from stock.
  8. No more than one carburetor per cylinder. Gardner carburetors are permitted.
  9. All modifications must be consistent with the spirit of the class and period.
  10. Appearance and workmanship of a reasonable standard shall be enforced.
  11. Two-strokes must use silencers.
  12. Maximum rim width is WM3 (2.15 inches) in all GP classes

Note: See requirements of all roadracing motorcycles in Section 9.  Get those bikes out and ready to race in 2020!

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