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This past weekend’s Luke’s Racecraft AHRMA National Roadrace event at Willow Springs Raceway saw great weather conditions and excellent racing with very few incidents.  Unfortunately, the newly sealed track surface was heating up the timing loop by mid-day causing scoring chaos, it started reading transponders intermittently or not at all, leading the staff to solely rely upon manual scoring. Willow  Springs management had re-sealed the track a month ago and we were the first timed event held in hot weather, catching us and the track by surprise and without a timely solution. Adding to the chaos was an intermittent to unintelligible PA system that had been worked on and updated Thursday night.

Additionally, AHRMA management had a communications breakdown on the status of the trophies for this event. We discovered upon arrival on Thursday that the trophies had not been made as planned. Staff on site worked as a group reaching out to our current national supplier along with contacting as many local vendors that we could locate, the result was unaffordable at around $6,000.00 to have them made and shipped in time for the awards ceremony. Our interim RR Directors and super AHRMA team scrambled to come up with a plan to produce paper certificates to fill the void, and that solution was greatly received.

Everyone understands that we all do this for fun. While a paper trophy worked for those that already have a pile of plaques, that solution fell short for those that can only make a few events a year and for those that got a Top 3 Finish for the first time or that coveted First Place WIN. We at AHRMA management extend our apologies and will make trophies for this event upon request.  To request a replacement trophy from the Willow Springs event, please contact me at  BrianL.AHRMA@gmail.com. Please note that requesting and receiving a trophy will void any discount value given on the provided paper certificates. These trophies will be available for you to pick up at any upcoming western rounds, however if this was your one and only race of the season, please let us know and we will ship it to you.

Please know that we have been working on producing better quality trophies and will have a plan to start producing and implementing those soon.

AHRMA RR is also working on trackside communication and will have great new options available in the very near future to bring race action, results and reporting up to modern standards.

Thank you all for patience, support and participation!

Brian Larrabure , AHRMA Western Trustee

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