As most of you know, we changed over to a new race registration system recently, and are working through processes to have them work the way we want them to.  At New Jersey Motorsports Park this weekend, since many of you pre-entered on (MSR) after we transitioned, you did not have the Tech Inspect & Release Form emailed to you.  We do not yet have that feature available on MSR, so in order to accommodate those of you that pre-registered and have no form, here’s what the procedure will be for New Jersey ONLY:

  • Complete and print out 3 copies of the NEW Tech/Release form for each motorcycle you will be racing (click button below)
  • If you are NOT pre-entered, go directly to Registration.  You will not be able to go through Tech until you are registered.
  • If you pre-entered prior to 5/5:
    • Print your forms (2 for 5/25, 1 for 5/26) and bring the appropriate form with you to Tech each day as usual;
    • If you don’t have your forms, follow the procedures of those pre-entered with MSR (after 5/5).
  • If you pre-entered after 5/5:
    • You will NOT have an emailed Registration Receipt;
    • Go directly to tech;
    • Tech will be provided for you.

This procedure will be in effect for the entire weekend, at NJMP ONLY!

As always, if there are any changes needed to your pre-entry, you will still need to go to Registration, then follow the procedures above.

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