New Southeast Regional Coordinator

//New Southeast Regional Coordinator

New Southeast Regional Coordinator

Tim Terrell has assumed the role of Southeast Regional Off-Road Coordinator, replacing Steve Kirby; our thanks to Kirby for his work during the past season. Terrell can be reached at 336.260.1615 or by email at; below is an introduction:

I am Tim Terrell, a cabinetmaker by trade and I have owned my own business for 23 years. I have been married for 18 years to my beautiful wife Becky and Tim_Terrell_SE_Coordinator_smtogether we have two wonderful children, Cassie (age 15) and Titus (14). Titus is my dirtbike rider and Cassie is a daddy’s girl.

I started riding motorcycles when I was seven years old, but did not start racing until age 19, on a three-wheeler. At age 20, I bought a 1986 Honda CR500 to crosstrain and build endurance for ATV racing. By the late ‘80s, I was racing Pro four-wheelers and purchased an ‘89 CR250 to again help with my training.

After a while fell in love with the dirtbikes and sold the ATVs and started racing only dirtbikes – a ‘92 CR125 and a ‘93 CR250. I kind of did it backwards by starting out on a CR500, but the price was right.

I raced until 1999, but after Becky and I had our first child the motorcycles took a back seat. I did not start riding again until my son moved up to a Kawasaki KX65 and then it was time for Dad to get another dirtbike. I bought a 2009 Yamaha YZ250 two-stroke and after riding it just one time on a track, the memories came back and I just had to start racing again. I did not want the risk associated with modern tracks, so I started looking for a vintage bike. I ended-up with a 1979 YZ250 and as it happened also returned home with a basketcase ‘79 YZ400 as well, which – by the way – is one of my favorites. Then, this year, I bought a 1973 Honda CR250M so I could race on Saturdays.

This is my second full year of being in AHRMA and I really enjoy the atmosphere and the people who are involved. I was sharing with Off-Road Director Fred Guidi how I would love to get more involved with helping build this organization, and offered to assist Southeast Regional Coordinator Steve Kirby. When Steve informed me the he was becoming a full-time pastor and would have to step down to focus on that, I jumped at the chance to take over the Southeast region. I would love some input on how we can make this better and I will give it my best to do so.

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