Ellen Voermans
Port Angeles, WA
Western Trustee Candidate

Ellen Voermans, Western Region

My name is Ellen Voermans and I am running for the position of your trustee. I was introduced to AHRMA by my friend and former roadracer, Ozzie Auer. I traveled to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in September 1992, and, during that week, after watching all the events, I was hooked. I started racing vintage motocross in February 1993 at the age of 35. I raced in the Northwest region and as far east as Utah and Colorado until 2004, when I had to stop due to injuries. While I couldn’t race, I continued to volunteer in my region and I stayed in touch with my AHRMA family. I was fortunate enough to return to AHRMA in 2012 and, besides racing, I volunteer at most Northwest regional events, checking trials, acting as scorekeeper and lap checking Cross Country, helping with sign-up, volunteering as the Northwest membership coordinator, and organizing the Northwest Year End Awards Banquet for the last seven years.

I have witnessed a change in AHRMA recently that greatly concerns me and should concern every member. From my perspective, I see evidence of a trend in which our By Laws, tantamount to AHRMA’s Constitution, are ignored or dismissed as unimportant. I am hoping to be a part of an effort to reinstate proper protocol and adherence to all AHRMA policy, By Laws, and Articles of Incorporation, and sharing member concerns with the board. Bringing information from the board back to the members is vital and can be improved.

Many in the Northwest have questions about the 2017 election; rumors of tampering with the results, and improper voting are among their concerns. I would like to see the trust of our members regained and faith in the election process again in place and I think there is still work to be done to accomplish that.

Another common member concern is about what appears to be a growing division between offroad racers and roadracing racers. They, and I, want to be sure that AHRMA is here in the years to come, for all disciplines. With that in mind, I want to work to make sure that all members understand we need all disciplines to keep AHRMA strong.

I don’t believe that change for the sake of change is necessarily constructive, and often lacks foresight. Challenges can be met in creative ways other than sweeping change and I look forward to being a part of that process. A well-educated membership will make informed decisions and a trustee can be a vital conduit to keeping the membership informed and help in the understanding of rules proposals and other issues concerning AHRMA. I hope to be allowed to act in that role as your trustee, and to contribute to solid and stable growth of the membership and the organization we all value so much.

As a retired California civil service employee, I have 36 years of experience with governmental contracts, human resources, and handling conflicting deadlines. I work well under pressure. Also, as a retiree, I will be able to dedicate a lot of time to AHRMA and I will also be able to travel to meetings and events to gather and share information with members and the board alike.

Ellen Voermans   |  530-591-3951 |   chicmxr@hotmail.com

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