Kelly Shane
Big Sky, MT
Western Trustee Candidate

Kelly Shane, Western Region

I have been wrenching-on, restoring, riding and racing motorcycles for over 40 years. My shed full of motorcycles has everything from vintage and post vintage motocrossers and trials bikes to modern dual sport and adventure bikes. I have been an AHRMA member since 1995, riding off-road events all across the Western Region and as many events as practical throughout the Eastern Region. Occasionally I have been fortunate to win a National title in vintage or post vintage motocross. While it’s nice to have those #1 plates, being in the AHRMA family is even better. Whether it’s roadrace or off-road, vintage classes or modern, all of us have common ground in our appreciation of historic motorcycles. Nowhere else have I found such a great group of people.

AHRMA is a very unique organization. We are the only historic racing motorcycle organization in the world that is owned by its members and operated as a non-profit corporation. We are also the only organization which includes roadrace, motocross, observed trials, cross country and dirt track. There is no other organization where a rider is able to go to any event across the country and know that there will be a class for his machine and his skill level.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall management of AHRMA. There are many duties and responsibilities required of a Trustee by the laws of Ohio, where AHRMA is incorporated. A Trustee must attend meetings, avoid conflicts of interest, obey the articles of incorporation and follow the bylaws and mission statements that define AHRMA. Above all, a Trustee must always act fairly in the best interest of AHRMA and ensure that our organization is following all laws and regulations.

In both roadrace and offroad, AHRMA classes represent fixed periods in time and those periods don’t change. As time moves on new historic periods open up. The Trustees look at those periods and decide if they should be included in our programs. However, new classes and events must never interfere with or replace our existing racing programs or classes. The Trustees also should review and update the bylaws, policies and procedures on an ongoing basis. Change should occur after open and reasoned discussion of a plan’s merits, and not just because it is this week’s big idea.

I have had the honor to represent the members as a Trustee since 2010. As Trustee I have always tried to do my duty and uphold my responsibilities openly, fairly and in the best interests of you, the members. If re-elected I will continue working to ensure our organization remains the best motorcycle organization in the country and moves forward in a planned and thoughtful manner.

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