Fred Guidi
Grafton, WV
Eastern Trustee Candidate

Fred Guidi, Eastern Region

Hello, I am Fred Guidi, incumbent candidate for Eastern Region Trustee, a position which I have held for the past 9 years. I have been an AHRMA member for 20 years, and an avid offroad competitor since the late 1960’s. I have served as the North Atlantic Region Coordinator for 13 years, and in my 10th year as National Off Road Director, a job which I accepted without compensation. I have over 28 years of experience promoting off road events, with a working knowledge of managing race day activities.

I am 58 years old, hold a BA and MBA in business management, and a Ph.D. in Theology, I am married to my magnificent wife Hollie, and together we have two daughters, Lauren and Alyssa, all of whom are AHRMA volunteers.

Over the years I have developed a thorough understanding of what is working in our organization, what needs work, and the joys and frustrations that touch our members. I am convinced that we belong to the most influential and respected vintage racing organization in the world! I have worked with the ED and other board members in reducing AHRMA’s debt load and making us profitable. I work constantly in bringing new events such as Unadilla, and Waldo to our program. If re-elected I will continue to create events that are exciting and safe for our membership. I will continue to work with the ED and others to see that we are operating as efficiently as possible, while meeting the financial needs of our event partners. In addition, I recognize the decline in participation of all motosport activities across the globe, working toward attracting new members to our program. I will do this by:

  1. Working to re-energize our regional programs. In 2018 we added a new position that will interact with the regions to help them succeed. As a trustee I will be able to take issues that hinder that success back to the board for consideration.
  2. I will seek the advice of members and promoters, developing conditions that will allow for the best possible event. The principles for producing a product in which participants feel that they have received value is the same for Road Racing as it is for MX, Trials, Dirt Track, and Cross Country. I will continue my efforts to offer the best possible program and in 2018 we approved the “Next Gen” series ofmachines whichwill compete at designated tracks in 2019. I continue to be the perfect conduit for the membership, providing a grass roots perspective on what is happening at actual events. I hold some core beliefs; I believe that vintage racing is set, and the tracks that these bikes compete on should be “vintage” friendly. I believe Post Vintage is now set, and that the new series of classes that were recently introduced will draw in the riders that raced in the “Modern” era, that will compete on the same courses as Post Vintage. I believe that Vintage Views should be more than just a Newsletter. I believe that our Roadracing program is on the right track, and I supported the addition of EBikes, and the new leadership, as they develop new venues. Additionally, I initiated the effort to bring a new destination event to AHRMA that will hit in 2020! 
  3. This needs to be fun. We need to eliminate the friction that sometimes occurs between us as members, and those we elect. As trustee I believe in open communication and honesty. I am not a politician, I am an event coordinator, and I invite anyone with questions concerning my experience or sincerity to contact the North Atlantic region staff, National Promoters, or fellow racers that I have worked with, to see if I have not done all that I can to offer the best program possible.

I know that there is much left to discuss and I invite you to contact me directly with concerns and comments. I want to say that, although I am not aware of all of those who are seeking this seat, I know that several are worthy of your consideration. All are good people and friends, who are putting themselves out there to better our organization, and I thank each one. In the end I urge you to vote, and to vote for the person that you believe will best represent you in moving AHRMA forward. I thank you in advance for your consideration.

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