From The Chairman

Everyone on the board has worked hard to do the membership’s business. One of the critical items that has been at the forefront of our board has been member representation and board transparency.  We put forth several changes to the voting procedures this year in order to better represent you the members.  The major procedural change is this;

After a majority vote on of the board of trustees, starting with the 2019 Election of Trustees, all members in good standing are now allowed to vote across the East and West dividing line as defined by the Mississippi River.    Each member now votes for up to four candidates total.  Each member can now vote for up to  two candidates in the East Region and up to two candidates in the West Region.    The candidates that are running for Trustee must be a member in good standing and based on the AHRMA By-laws, each candidate running for Trustee will now represent the entire membership.

Additionally, the following was also approved

  1. Who is eligible to vote.   There are Full members and Associate members.  Full members can vote while Associate members cannot as written in the bylaws, however associate members have voted as  a practice.   A bylaw change is required to enable associate members to be eligible to vote.
  2. The cutoff date for the 2019 election for new associate member voting eligibility is November 30, 2018.
  3. The accounting firm that is executing the ballot counts shall not open nor start counting any ballots until the voting deadline has expired.
  4. No one is allowed to have any conversations with the accounting firm regarding the votes, the number of votes, the regions votes are coming from or any conversation regarding how the vote is progressing, not even the Board Secretary.
  5. No one except the accounting firm is allowed to examine the ballots for any reason. The accounting firm is limited in its examination to the following;  member eligibility, properly filled out official ballot, only one ballot per eligible member, only four votes per member, one vote each for two Western candidates and one vote each for two Eastern candidates.
  6. No ballots postmarked after the deadline will be counted. The firm will have a week after the close of election to finalize the count.
  7. All other voting requirements apply.  The website will have the 2019 list of candidates that are eligible for the vote.  The ballots will be sent in Vintage Views and will be available on the website.
  8. Proxy voting will only be allowed if the voting member provides written approval to be sent along with his/her ballot to the CPA firm administering the program for AHRMA.

For Reference Only

The following are the bylaws are written for membership voting


SECTION 3. Election: The initial members of the Board of Trustees shall be appointed in accordance with Section 5 below.  Thereafter,  Trustees shall be elected by majority vote of the Full Members voting.

Section 5  ( excerpt )

Trustees shall be elected for three-year terms with two trustees from the East, and two Trustees from the West being elected annually at the end of their three-year terms.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR VOTING ( part of Section 7 )

Only Full Members in good standing may vote.  Only votes on official ballots will be counted.  Mark your official ballot and write or print your name and AHRMA membership number on the ballot.  Mail or deliver your ballot to the address printed on the ballot.  If you do not include your name on your ballot, your ballot will not be counted.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to another great year of AHRMA racing