Jim Korn, Trustee Candidate (Eastern Region)

Born in Gainesville, FL and raised in Indianapolis, I graduated from Purdue as an electrical engineer in 1981. I spent 32 years working in the defense industry and spent most of my career with Lockheed Martin. While in college, I asked a cute girl out named Terri and knew immediately we were destined to be together; our first date was on a motorcycle. We are both retired now and celebrated 38 years of marriage this past August.

I began racing with AHRMA in 2016 and will never forget my rookie weekend at Roebling. I showed up with a newly built production bike and brand new shiny leathers, gloves, and helmet – you could see me coming from a mile away. I was anxious, excited, and fearful all at the same time. After the race school, I took a deep breath and really enjoyed the racing that weekend. Over the next four years we would make scores of new friends traveling the country from February through October loving every minute. In 2017, we attended every road race event logging over 15,000 miles, what an adventure.

I’m not the fastest but usually find someone close to my skill level out there and just have fun. My most memorable weekend so far happened at NJMP this year. Another Kawasaki A1 showed up owned by a guy I had never met. We had a great time out there exchanging positions in the middle of the pack chasing each other for 8 laps. We became good friends that weekend and I look forward to seeing him again in 2020. That is the essence of why I race with AHRMA.

In 2019, I took a more active role working as a Technical Inspector and mentoring new riders. I attended the board meeting following Barber this year to meet the trustees and familiarize myself with issues facing our organization. I voiced some strong opinions during the open comment section regarding the transition to the new race management system. I accepted responsibility to help AHRMA resolve current short-term issues as well as assist in implementing a long-term solution. This task has allowed me to have regular interaction with board members and our volunteer staff who work tirelessly for our benefit. I am eager to learn more about how our off-road organization works, understand their issues, and attend some events to meet racers and experience this side of AHRMA.

I am so fortunate to have a spouse who loves racing as much as I do. She has also been bitten by the vintage bug. She raced Sidecar both days this year at Barber in SC2. Her driver was none other than our chief technical inspector and adopted son Nick Bailey! The smile on her face when she pulls that helmet off is priceless. I weep every time I hear her voice over the PA singing the national anthem at a road race event.

I am encouraged by the personnel changes of this past year and believe they bode well for AHRMA’s future. Members have raised significant concerns that deserve a voice and should be discussed. While there has been frustration on the part of both members and staff, if we treat each other with respect and patience, a solution can be found that is in the best interest of the organization. There are a lot of passionate folks in AHRMA, it is that passion that can forge creative solutions to complex problems. I believe we are a stronger organization today than when I joined 4 years ago.

AHRMA classifies the three major duties of a trustee as care, loyalty, and fiduciary responsibility and defines them as they apply to our bylaws and mission. In simple terms, a trustee must represent the membership without personal bias, take the time and effort to be informed, and assist in the management of business and financial affairs to the best of his or her ability. I want to be part of AHRMA’s future and give back to this organization that has given so much to me. Thank you for your consideration.