Beno Rodi, Trustee Candidate (Eastern Region)

My name is Beno Rodi and my passion, rather my life, is racing vintage motorcycles. And ever since I helped write the AHRMA rulebook back in the 1980s, AHRMA has been at the center of everything I do. I am also the only founding AHRMA trustee still on the board.

I live near Atlanta and every year hit all the races from New Jersey and New York to Ohio and Virginia to Louisiana and Florida – and even visit the guys in California for a few events. In the course of the year, I’ll not only race at every event I can get to, but volunteer, layout courses, and generally help with all forms of event organization, execution, and cleanup. I race every type of event – dirt track, VMX, PVMX, trials, cross country, ISDT and roadracing. I finished the 2019 season with four MX, two dirt track and one trials championships.

At home I serve on the board of the Atlanta Motorcycle Club, who has been putting on events since it was chartered in 1948. Many of you have attended the national dirt track and trials, and regional MX and cross country events we put on every year in Aonia, Georgia.

I’ve been an AHRMA trustee numerous times over the years and would welcome the opportunity to serve again. With the other trustees, officers, and staff, I weathered the difficult years of the organizations bankruptcy and enjoyed the every improving era we’ve moved into. I hope that my experience and knowledge will help the organization continue on the positive course that it is in today. One of my current initiatives is to improve the Barber MX and get it back on the annual MX schedule.

Trustees bear the responsibility for keeping the organization healthy and figuring out the behind-the-scene activities necessary to deliver what the membership wants and needs. While we can’t always achieve everything folks ask for, we do our best to give a fair and impartial hearing to requests and to help the organization deliver on the things we commit to. My promise to you is that I will do my best to represent the East Coast membership and our collective needs.

The bottom line is that I bring not only decades of vintage racing experience but extensive knowledge about AHRMA’s organization, finances, as well as the spirit of evolution necessary to sustain and grow vintage racing. I want to ensure that AHRMA has a future that is aligned with its past and its founding principles. I want to see AHRMA succeed as a celebration of motorcycling’s history and a fun and safe forum for the dinosaurs, classics, sportsmen, PV and Next-Gen bikes alike to live again. And most importantly, I want to see the legacy of AHRMA continue, grow, and be carried forward by future generations of vintage enthusiasts. I ask for your vote this year with the hope that, if elected, my contributions will help deliver great 2020 and beyond racing seasons and a lasting legacy for all AHRMA members.