Raschel Barton; Trustee Candidate (Western Region)

It might surprise you to know that I am a brand-new AHRMA member, although I am not new to the AHRMA organization. My name is Raschel Barton and I became an AHRMA member today! I have been co-owner of Vicious Cycle in Portland, Oregon along with AHRMA racer Joe Pethoud for the past 23 years. You know us as the people who brought CB160 racing to AHRMA! Who doesn’t love that running LeMans start? More recently we are trying to build a class of big superbikes in the Phillip Island Challenge race, hoping to attract international competitors to AHRMA.

But on a more practical level I want to hear what you think is most important to grow and preserve AHRMA. I’ve been involved as “support crew” at AHRMA races for the past 15 years and volunteered my time and energy to many local motorcycle events. I hope to bring my years of experience and enthusiasm for motorcycle racing to benefit the AHRMA organization. Exactly the way our classic motorcycle shop has to navigate good old-fashioned service with modern ways of reaching people, AHRMA is constantly trying to balance the traditional ways of racing with exciting new ideas.

I would love to represent the Western Region and bring my passion for motorcycle racing to work for AHRMA. I was key to bringing AHRMA to an awesome Portland event a few years ago, so I know how much enthusiasm there is in the Pacific Northwest to make AHRMA thrive!