Tim Terrell, Trustee Candidate (Eastern Region)

Hello, my name is Tim Terrell and I’m excited to submit my name as a candidate for AHRMA Eastern Regional Trustee. As a 5 year member and current SE Regional Coordinator and on the National Off road Committee I have had the opportunity to work with many of you on AHRMA projects over the last several years.

This position has enabled me to personally address countless AHRMA issues with many of you. I have worked with numerous track owners like Jimmy Weinert and Gary Bailey to develop national and regional races for AHRMA.I also realize the struggles of the promoters in keeping cost down to make these offroad races happen without them going in the hole financially. I have competed in multiple disciplines in AHRMA including MX,CC,Road Racing and Trials and that has given me a deeper understanding of this organization and the challenges .I have a few ideas on how we can grow the membership for the future of this organization.

Like many of you, this regional position has given me the chance to volunteer as a tech for both national & regional races as well as being a race director for both. While racing in the four disciplines of AHRMA I realize that each discipline has its own challenges and opportunities for the future. I feel confident that this involvement has provided me with a broader prospective to allow me to better serve you as a trustee.

My passion for motorcycles much like most of you is relentless! It’s a family affair in the Terrell household, with my wife Becky, daughter Cassie and son Titus all riding motorcycles. My son and I get the opportunity to spend time and race together because of AHRMA and to me that it so important that we protect and help grow our organization for others to enjoy this same benefit. With this involvement the AHRMA community is like an extended family for me. It is my major friendship base and rarely a day ever goes by that I don’t talk with an AHRMA member and friend.
Now, Who is Tim Terrell:

  • President and Owner of Terrell Custom Cabinets for 26 years.
  • CFO that understands the Profit & Loss needs to grow the business during economic downfalls
  • Passionate motorcyclist that has ridden motorcycles since age 7 & raced since 19
  • AHRMA member in good standing and four discipline Racer that has raced national races this year in RR, VMX, PVMX, NGMX, CC & Trials
  • Proficient motorcycle mechanic that has built his own RR, MX, PVMT, CC bikes that he races in AHRMA

In closing:

I truly think I reflect the average AHRMA member, and understand many of the issues we face today at AHRMA. I will bring a fresh new and younger perspective to a committed Board of Trustees. I am extremely passionate and committed to help our organization grow for the future. I believe it is important to promote our sport and organization for generations to come. We must embrace change and become a creative change agent to meet the needs of the younger generation, The majority of our members are from the baby boomers generation and many unfortunately have limited years of riding left. We must understand the demographics of our sport and tap into the future riders that can help us grow while maintaining true to AHRMA’s mission statement.

Thank you for your consideration and I would ask you for your vote and support in electing me as a new Trustee. If you have any questions or concerns on my ability to our leadership team, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss any issues concerning our AHRMA organization.

Tim Terrell, AHRMA #1012223