[These minutes were approved at the 10/07/2019 Board of Trustee Meeting held at Barber Motorsports Museum; Birmingham, AL]

The regular quarterly meeting of the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) was held on Monday, July 1, 2019, at 08:00 A.M., at Heartland Park Motorsports, Topeka KS, the Chairman being in the chair with the Treasurer and the Secretary being present.  The minutes from the NOLA meeting were approved.

Attendees: Non-Trustees – Tony and Faynisha Pentecost, Albert and Judy Newmann, Dewanna Comer, Joe Koury, Joe W. Koury and Jeff DeBell.  Trustees – Carl Anderson, Kevin Burns, Fred Guidi, Arthur Kowitz (Treasurer), Louis LeBlanc (Secretary), Beno Rodi, Luke Connor (Chairman), Brian Larrabure, Debbie Poole, Rob Poole, Kelly Shane, Ellen Voermans.

The meeting was called to order by Luke Conner, Chairman

New Trustee Ellen Voermans was introduced as replacement for the resigned Pat Riley.

The NOLA board meeting minutes as transcribed by Dewanna Comer was reviewed and approved.

The Open member-comment period (9:00-10:00am) had presentations from Tony & Faynisha Pentecost discussing their vision as AHRMA’s new Road Race Directors, Albert Newman commenting on the state of AHRMA’s Motocross programs (particularly in the South Central Region, where he is Coordinator), and Jeff Dibrell pledging his support for a proposed multi-discipline event at Heartland Park in 2020.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Arthur Kowitz explaining the transition from Cash Basis to Accrual Basis accounting for AHRMA’s future financial management.

The Executive Director’s report was given by Curtis Comer

YTD Financial results as of May 2019 was presented by Curtis Comer

Curtis Comer gave an update on the status, progress and challenges surrounding the migration to MotorsportReg as AHRMA’s new platform for Membership Management and Race Registrations.

There was a brief discussion on the health of AHRMA’s various disciplines with stated concerns over the status of Trials and Dirt Track in particular.

The majority of the time at this Board Meeting was devoted to review of each of the Rules Proposal Submissions and related Committees recommendations.  Trustee Kevin Burns had compiled all of the submissions and presented each for discussion and preliminary voting by the Board.

Closed session was held during the lunch hour and at the end of the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 P.M.

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