In late August through early September of this year, AHRMA conducted a search for someone to take the reins as editor of the AHRMA Mag as well as any and all other print media requirements that AHRMA may have.  We were fortunate to receive resumes from a number of qualified candidates.  As a result of the interview process, we are pleased to announce that our new Print Media Specialist is AHRMA member and Graphic Art Professional, Kevin McIntosh.  Please join us in welcoming him aboard!  Kevin shares a few words about himself here:

Four years ago, my life took a turn…a left turn, a right turn, a closing radius turn, an off-camber turn. That’s right, I started racing with AHRMA.  Prior to my first race, I spent a few years in the paddock at Road America, watching a friend (Gregory Meyers) battle it out on the track and, as it turns out for many, in the pits as well.  There were no sponsors, no professional pit crew, just friends and family helping where they could–one person holding up the collapsing canopy, another person searching for the right tool, another offering simple words of encouragement.  I stayed out of the way and took photos because that is all I could do at the time.

Fast forward to this past weekend at the Barber Vintage Festival, and it was very similar to how things started for me so many years ago.  Hanging out in the paddock and in the woods, taking photos…lots of photos.  Talking with my fellow AHRMA members, be it racers, their families, staff or the many volunteers that make up this great organization.

As the Print Media Specialist and person in charge of bringing AHRMA Mag to life, it is my goal to give every AHRMA member, past and present, a chance to tell their story.  Be it an article, a photo or simply your name in print, every AHRMA member should have the chance to be recognized for keeping the past fast.

If you would like to know more about me, follow/connect with me on Instagram:

Thank you for this opportunity,

Kevin McIntosh – RR #233

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