On October 7, 2019, as part of the Board of Trustees meeting at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, the trustees made final determinations on rules proposals for the 2020 racing season.   A summary of the proposals is below, with the final Board decisions displayed in green type. Preliminary decisions rendered in July, prior to member feedback may be found here.

PLEASE NOTE!  The votes are on the motion.  If the motion was to accept, then if the majority votes in favor of the motion to accept, the rule passed.  If the motion was to reject and the majority votes in favor of the motion to reject, the rule DID NOT pass.  Underlined text indicates new wording, strike-through words are to be removed from the ’20 Handbook.

Several proposals were either originally approved or rejected, but upon review of additional information, via e-vote, the decision was reversed.  The verbiage reflects that change.

Trustees in attendance at the October 7, 2019 meeting were:

Carl Anderson, Luke Conner, Fred Guidi, Arthur Kowitz, Louis LeBlanc, Brian Larrabure, Debbie Poole, Rob Poole, Ellen Voermans, Beno Rodi and Kelly Shane.

Review them below, or download them here:

Final 2020 Rule Proposals Votes