The AHRMA Roadrace Directors have released the new tech form for your use.  Please note, this form, for the remainder of 2019 while not mandatory, will be beginning in 2020.  It is recommended that you begin to look at this and consider using it so that you can get comfortable with it.  Early use and feedback would be extremely helpful.

To use it, please fill out online (tech information at bottom is to be completed by an AHRMA tech inspector only) and make 3 copies for each motorcycle you plan to race (one for each race day).  This is an evolving process with the end goal of simplifying the tech process even more-so than the process we have had in previous years, while still maintaining the highest levels of safety on-track.  While you may look at it online below, to download, simply click on the button.

PLEASE NOTE: The release verbiage is the same as the release that you sign at the gate.  This will allow us to eliminate gathering release signatures at tech.