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We strongly encourage you to use our online service,, to join, renew, register for your races and to rent your transponder.  Using the downloadable membership form requires more time to process.  However, you may find it here:  Membership Form.

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One Event (weekend) Membership

Weekend memberships are available at many events for $30, and may be converted to a Full Membership within 30 days. A person may purchase a One Event Membership just once in any 13-month period; offer does not include any series points, an AHRMA Mag subscription or voting privileges.  Click the button below to register online.  To download a form, and/or upgrade to a full membership, click here

Weekend/One Event Membership

Lifetime Membership

Anyone 60 years of age or more is invited to purchase an AHRMA Lifetime Membership. A one-time payment of $650 locks-in a low membership fee and eliminates the year-to-year renewal process. Help yourself and AHRMA with a Lifetime Membership – the Board and staff thanks you!

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Event entry forms

We strongly encourage you to use our online service, to join, renew, register for your races and rent your transponder.   Entry forms are published early each year in the AHRMA Mag, and are always available from the AHRMA National Membership office.

Pre-entry submission process

AHRMA strongly encourages pre-entry for all roadrace, motocross, cross country and dirt track nationals. Pre-entry costs significantly less and  allows AHRMA to assemble a smoother-running race-day program by planning for proper race orders and a sufficient number of workers. Some events may be pre-entry only (information about such events will be listed on the “Schedules & Results” section of this website).

Payment must accompany all pre-entries. If you submit an entry by mail, fax or email, a check or credit card information must be included. You may also enter online, which saves time not only for you but for our staff and reduces fees by at least 10 percent.

Information on dates, locations, entry fees, pre-entry deadlines and any event-specific details are on the drop-down menu below the “Schedules & Results” button on the navigation bar at the top of this page; just click on the desired discipline.

Online Race Registration and Transponder Rental

AHRMA National Historic Cup Roadrace events utilize MYLAPS transponders for timing and scoring. We have selected MYLAPS based on several considerations, which include performance experienced by other racing organizations and integration with our online registration and event-scoring software.

The MYLAPS transponders compatible with our scoring system are: Bike Classic, Bike Flex and Bike Direct Power. Any one of these models is to be mounted vertically (pin pointing upward) on either fork leg, no more than 42 inches off the ground To order, call MYLAPS at 678.816.4000, or use the “Store” tab on their website homepage at

MYLAPS is the world’s leader in transponder-based automatic timing and scoring systems. Since 1982, they have been “the source” for timing systems for sports ranging from RC-car racing to auto racing, horse racing, speed skating, cycling, athletic sportsand more.

MYLAPS North and South America
2030 Powers Ferry Road SE, Suite 110
Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: 678.816.4000
Fax: 678.816.4001

Refund policy

Refunds will be issued only to pre-entered riders who have filed a Refund/Credit Request Form with the AHRMA National office. A refund form may be obtained from the office or downloaded here. The form may be filed by mail, email, fax, or the office may be telephoned with the relevant information.

A rider contacting the AHRMA office up through the day of the event will be refunded the full amount, less a $5 administrative charge. A rider filing for refund not more than 14 days after the event will be refunded 50 percent of the total entry. After that time, the entry fee will be deposited into the Benevolent Fund. This policy applies to all National events, unless noted otherwise on the entry form.
See Handbook section 4.7.

Refund Credit Request Form
AHRMA Handbook

Eligibility Request form

Our Handbook has excellent descriptions and lists which should help you determine the class in which your machine can compete. In the event that the class designation is not clear, please contact a member of the appropriate Rules & Eligibility Committee. Unique circumstances might require that an Eligibility Request form be filed. That form is in the Handbook, and can also be downloaded here.

Proposal for Rule Change form

All of AHRMA’s competition rules are subject to review and/or revision each year. Any member in good standing may submit a proposal for a rule change, the deadline for which is typically in early June; please refer to the AHRMA Mag for an exact date. The Board of Trustees will review each proposal at its Summer meeting and make a preliminary decision, then the membership is invited to provide feedback prior to the Board’s final decision at its Fall meeting.

Submit Rule Change Proposal

Optional Rider Accident Medical Plan

AHRMA requires that every participant carry personal health insurance; it is wise to consult your individual carrier for coverage details. Jones Birdsong Insurance offers AHRMA members an affordable Rider Accident Medical Plan, which, under competition situations, may offer better coverage than a person’s general health insurance.

To purchase an annual plan, call 866.998.3864, or download an application form here. You are entitled to the benefits described in this enrollment form if you have enrolled for this insurance and paid the required premium.

Benevolent Fund

Donations to the AHRMA Benevolent Fund may be made by mailing a check to 49 Ferguson Lane, Elora, TN 37328,  by calling the National office at 931.308.0338‬ with credit card details, or by PayPal to

Injured riders who desire monetary aid from AHRMA’s Benevolent Fund are invited to complete the application form, and submit it for consideration. Friends or associates of the rider may submit the request on his or her behalf. Benevolent Fund application.

AHRMA Legacy Society

To encourage long-term participation and fiscal health of the organization, AHRMA’s Board of Trustees has developed a Legacy Society to promote, recognize and steward estate gifts. Please click here for a program overview and information request form. In addition to cash gifts, AHRMA has established a policy that defines other types of gifts that will be accepted. That policy is located here.