Ellen Voermans; Trustee Candidate (Western Region)

My name is Ellen Voermans and I would like to be reconsidered for the position of a Western Region Trustee.

After one of our Western Trustees vacated his position last year, I accepted the interim position. I attended two meetings; those held at Topeka and Barber. Having joined the Board mid-year, I participated in the annual rules proposal process. This was not only an interesting process but very important to the membership, many of whom submitted proposed changes to our rules in all disciplines. It was certainly a chance to learn more about disciplines in which I don’t currently compete. I would like to continue to work toward a better understanding of what our membership would like to see happen to the organization as a whole and to continue to bring information back to them from the Board.

I would like to continue in my efforts to work toward the following:

  • Expanding membership through outreach and informational events;
  • Recommending and developing specific guidelines for the organization to provide both the membership and the Board with clearly outlined by-laws, and policies and procedures;
  • Improving the race offerings for all disciplines in the west through coordination with other regions and committees involved in establishing yearly schedules for these events;
  • Developing a working relationship with other racing organizations for cooperative events;
  • Assisting in developing governing documents for the organization to meet our current and future needs, while maintaining and protecting its not-for-profit status from criticism or challenge through cooperative work with all trustees.

I believe that change occurs in every organization as it matures and faces a changing economy and social platforms of the current day. I would like to bring my knowledge of the organization and encourage the development of a dynamic five-year plan to enhance AHRMA and direct it into the future. Challenges and improvements can be met in creative ways and I would like to be a part of that process. A well-educated membership will make informed decisions and a trustee can be a vital conduit to keeping the membership informed and help in the understanding of rules proposals and other issues concerning AHRMA. We are making improvements in our communication with members and with strong board direction we can enhance that even more.

I hope to retain a western trustee position and to contribute to a solid and stable growth of the membership and the organization we all value so much.

As a retired civil service employee, I have 36 years of experience with governmental contracts, human resources, and handling conflicting deadlines. I work well under pressure. Also, as a retiree, I can dedicate a lot of time to AHRMA and I am available to travel to meetings and events to gather and share information with members and the Board alike.

Thank you for your consideration.