IMPORTANT:  All bikes must be fitted with fresh race tires.

HELMET REQUIREMENTS:   Helmet must be, at minimum, Snell M2015 approved. The Instructor will show the correct fit of helmet, and placement of back protector.

Pass the Class, Race the Weekend

AHRMARR_webAHRMA’s Fast & Safe Roadracing School has been developed by experienced racers to share valuable techniques of roadracing vintage and modern motorcycles on the challenging circuits of America.

By successfully completing our Fast & Safe Roadracing School, you will gain a wealth of information and experience that will enable you to control your motorcycle at race speeds. In addition, you will have the privilege of racing with AHRMA; the school also meets the licensing requirements of many other racing organizations across the country. Riders of all levels will benefit and learn new skills.

Questions? Give us a call at 910.431.2956 or email us at and we can help you.

School Dates for 2019
(on Fridays of these race weekends)

February 21-24 – Roebling Road Raceway; Bloomingdale, GA
March 8-10 – NOLA Motorsports Park, New Orleans, LA
March 29-March 31 – Carolina Motorsports Park; Kershaw, SC
April 26-28 – Willow Springs International Raceway; Rosamond, CA
May 24-26 –New Jersey Motorsports Park; Millville, NJ
June 28-30 – Heartland Park, Topeka, KS
July 26-28 – Road America; Elkhart Lake, WI
August 2-4 Gingerman Raceway; South Haven, MI
August 16-18 Buttonwillow Park, Buttonwillow, CA
August 30 – September 1 – Utah Motorsports Campus; Tooele, UT
September 6-9 – Talladega Gran Prix Raceway; Munford, AL (The Talladega race school does not qualify you for the Barber event.  If you are interested in racing Barber this year, you MUST take an earlier scheduled race school)

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NOTE:  School on Friday; pass the class and race the weekend

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In order to register for the school, go to and create a free account, or if you have an account already, log in.  Once logged in, find the event for which you wish to register and follow the instructions for joining AHRMA and then registering for the school and the event. The school is scheduled in conjunction with Friday Practice for the weekends that the race school is offered.

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AHRMA FAST & SAFE Roadracing School

Download School Itinerary

7:15am – Arrive at Tech with your paperwork, bike and gear.

8:00am – Classroom session begins promptly
Four classroom sessions – 8:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm and 2:30pm (times approximate)
Four on-track sessions – 10:30am, 11:45am, 2:00pm and 3:15pm (times approximate)

12:00-1:00pm – Lunch Break (lunch provided)

4:30pm (approximately) – Mock Race – this is run as if it’s a regular race.

5:00pm – Verbal Testing (one-on-one)

Pass the school, race the weekend!

You will be given:
Certificate of Completion
AHRMA roadrace license
Follow-up instructions
Various sponsor certificates

Your license will be probationary until successfully completing a weekend of racing.

Please return the safety vest

Download School Itinerary
Download Information and Rules
  1. You should take your own notes during class. Writing important information will help to lock it into memory.
    You will be verbally tested one-on-one – fail the test, fail the school.
    Note: A student cannot be passed if he or she fails the flag test! Learn the flags!!!
  2. Interrupt me – Question the instructor any time. If you do not understand, we need to repeat it.
  3.  You will be given a “Fast & Safe Roadracing School” folder containing your School Handbook, bike stickers and other
  4. AHRMA requires you to have your own Health/Medical Insurance (Rule 3.4.1). If you don’t have insurance, see
    the instructor assistant for an insurance plan that you can purchase at the event.
  5. Helmet fit – Helmet must be Snell M2015 approved. The Instructor will show the correct fit of helmet, and placement
    of back protector.
  6. Racer gear – High-quality/brand race helmet to be used only. Race leathers with armor and preferably with safety
    hump. Back protectors are mandatory. High-quality race gloves and boots only.
  7. Mandatory safety vests supplied by AHRMA and Vanson Leathers must be worn all weekend and returned to
  8. Bike preparation – You must have your bike prepared for the racetrack and fitted with fresh race tires; have knowledge of
    tire pressures.
  9. Entering track – Do not cross the track when entering the track – EVER. Never go counter-course (opposite
    direction) on track or on pit road.
  10. Checkered flag – See a checkered flag on track, anywhere, exit track immediately using arm/leg signal to pit in.
    Do not take an additional lap!
  11. AHRMA’s Hot Tech at track exit – You will be stopped every time you come off the track to check bike and rider.
  12. Be back in the classroom no more than 10 minutes after the end of each practice session. Don’t make the class
    wait for you! Three times and you are out of class – be considerate of others. If you have a problem with the bike, etc.,
    see the instructor.
  13. School practice sessions:
    a. Line-up nose-to-tail at Pit Out
    b. Make sure you are with the correct instructor group
    c. First time on track – no passing during the first three laps
    d. Passing on straightaways only (initially)
  14. Instructor points at rear of his bike – Follow exactly, he is showing you the lines you have to take (very important).
  15. Precision Placement – You must be able to achieve precision placement of your bike (correct lines) each lap to
    successfully complete the class!
  16. Practice sessions – You do not fail the class if you pull off the track and/or into the pits early. Things are not right?
    Need to fix a problem? If you have a problem, pull in.
  17. If you crash, it doesn’t mean you fail the class.
  18. If you fail, you get a second chance at any AHRMA school within a year at no additional charge (except where we
    have to pay to use the track day).
  19. Heads-up – a good racer must:
    a. Have correct bike set-up – good preparation
    b. Develop a high standard of rider skill
    c. Have strong focus – mental discipline
    d. Be in good physical condition
Download Information and Rules
  1. SAFETY – This is the main concern, on and off the track
  2. RACE – Compete successfully while respecting the competition
  3. FUN – Have fun racing with AHRMA

Many thanks to our school sponsors!