2014 Board meeting dates, Sonoma agenda

//2014 Board meeting dates, Sonoma agenda

2014 Board meeting dates, Sonoma agenda

The three AHRMA Board of Trustees meetings for 2014 will be held May 3 (Sonoma, CA), July 14 (Millville, NJ) and October 13 (Leeds, AL). Members are welcome and areencouraged to attend the meetings, and open-comment sessions are always on the agenda. The complete agenda for the Sonoma meeting is as follows:

AHRMA Board Meeting

May 3, 2014

Sonoma, California

 The meeting is scheduled to begin at 8:00am and end at 5:00pm. The meeting will be opened and conducted in open session. If necessary, there may be closed session for the discussion of contracts, legal and/or personnel issues only.  There will be an open member-comment session 9:00-10:00am. During this time, any member in attendance may direct questions or comment directly to the AHRMA staff and Trustees.


          1)       Call to order – Chairman Dave Janiec

          2)       Recognition/introduction of new Trustees – Janiec

          3)       Election of new officers

          4)       Review and approval of Leeds, AL, Board meeting minutes

                   Open member-comment period (9:00-10:00am)

          5)       Treasurer’s Report – Mark Hatten

          6)       Executive Director’s report – David Lamberth

                         a)       Reviewed financials for FYE 11/30/13

                         b)       Financial results as of April 2014

                         c)       2014 budget, revised for late event-schedule changes

                         d)       Event attendance and membership update

         7)       Discipline health discussion (roadrace, off-road, dirt track)

         8)       Other/new business

         9)       Closed session, if necessary

       10)     Adjourn

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