Murrae Haynes 
Santa Fe, NM 
Western Trustee Candidate 

Murrae Haynes, Western Region

Hello out there AHRMA members

AHRMA members are now united with our voting across the country, the way it should be with any united organization, with our racing, our bikes, and our voting. Many thanks to Luke Conner, Chairman of the Board and the team of trustees who have now upheld the AHRMA directions.

Of course, the group against this unison is the West Coast tag-team. Why is this Sacramento group of trustees against everything positive we do in AHRMA? Who knows? Maybe because they are not in control of what bikes we race and our forward growth.  Have you ever seen these people at a roadrace event, or working at any event with the rest of us?

The established West Coast Trustees have been working against Cindy Cowell and those with the vision to advance the AHRMA racing program for 15 years.

The recently elected trustees had all been working with the vision to help build AHRMA up- program-wise and monetarily- to where it is today.  Events have been held at pristine, top-notch race tracks across the country where we can race all types of specialty bikes, vintage, classic and modern together, united like no other organization in the world. And it’s no secret, due to the efforts of many, that roadracing contributes the highest margin of profitability to the entire organization.

As an AHRMA official since 2013 working for you all at the roadracing events, my duties included  Roadrace Rules committee member, tech inspection, grid marshal, and instructor for the AHRMA Fast and Safe Road Race School. As a proud part of the school, we enroll 70 plus new members each year.

Mabel, my wife also works as a grid marshal at every event when she is not racing with me in the side car.  As you can tell, we are committed to AHRMA and its success by campaigning a 1968 Ducati in 350GP and with Mabel we race a 1972 BMW in Lost Era Sidecar.   Racing motocross with a local AMA chapter is where it started with a 50cc Puch, progressing to a Bultaco, a 250 Jawa, a 440 Victor, oh and some Hondas mixed in.

AHRMA accomplishments include:  being honored with the Mike Smith Service perpetual award in 2014, scoring multiple regional championships, and two national championships on the 1972 BMW sidecar with Mabel in the chair.

As an AHRMA Trustee, my pledge is to work with Off-road and Dirt Track Directors just as I’ve always done with the Roadrace Director.

Additionally,  thanks to AHRMA Executive Director Dave Lamberth for his hard work, diligence, and patience as he works with all the disciplines and Directors.

Your vote means one more person on the board of trustees that will work with the current board to continue the work to sustain the great organization we all love, AHRMA.

Please protect AHRMA, the successful programs currently running, the new programs starting up, and the financial gains it brings to the entire AHRMA family and cast your vote for Murrae Haynes.

See you at the races!!

Murrae Haynes   |  505-699-7539  |

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