Each year, AHRMA’s Board of Trustees reviews class and organizational rules, and considers any changes to be instituted for the following season. Any member in good standing may submit a proposal for a rule change. Proposals should be submitted on the form found on the AHRMA Proposal for Rule Change page (button below).  You may also still use the “Proposal for Rule Change” form found near the back of the AHRMA Handbook, and mail to the AHRMA National office at 49 Ferguson Lane, Elora, TN 37328.

Telephone calls are not considered official proposals. All proposals will be reviewed by the appropriate Rules & Eligibility Committees, which will present their recommendations to the full Board at the July 1 meeting in Topeka, KS. The Board will vote on each proposal, and those preliminary decisions will be printed in the AHRMA Mag and posted on www.ahrma.org. Members are then invited to comment on the deci­sions prior to the final vote, which takes place at the October Board meeting.

It is the submitter’s responsibility to follow up on the status of the submission with the respective rules committee contacts to verify that your proposal has been received and is being worked on – please note that the committees will not receive the rules until June 5, 2019.

The deadline for 2020 rule change proposal submissions is May 24, 2019.

Proposal for Rule Change – Online Form